Amaranth, onion and cheese frittata (vege)
Chocolate chip banana oat bran pancakes (vege)
Cinnamon and honey baby bok choy
Jack’s blue cornmeal pancakes with strawberry sauce (vege)
Scones (vege)

Small Bites

Baked quail eggs with tomato and cheese
BBQ pork spring rolls
Bruschetta and spicy shrimp
Ch-ch-ch-chia! seed pudding (raw + vegan)
Chocolate espresso power bars (raw + vegan)
Crab cakes
Hobak Jeon: Korean zucchini pancakes (vegan)
Spiced almonds with a kick (vegan)
Whitefish ceviche


Apple Waldorf salad (vege)
Balut and tomato with balsamico blanco
Beet and pomelo salad (vegan)
Kitchen sink egg salad (vege)
Radish and Granny Smith apple salad/slaw
(raw + vegan)
Sunshine potato salad (vegan)
(raw + vegan)
Toasted coconut, peanut and cucumber salad (raw + vegan)


Avocado lime soup (raw + vegan)
Dashi stock (vegan)
Yu Xiang bean pot (aka Fish-smelling bean pot)
Sunday slow-cook soup



Arugula and broccoli pesto (vegan)
Asparagus, gruyere and zucchini puff pastry tarts (vege)
Basil pesto (raw + vegan)
Cousin Ly’s Vietnamese pork stir fry
Eggplant parmigiana with quinoa polenta  (vegan)
Five-spice roasted cauliflower
Ginger lemongrass chicken
Kick-butt Kung Pao chicken
No-dough, no-bake summertime tart (raw + vegan)
Steamed salmon with garlic, ginger and lemongrass
Sweet potato mushroom sliders (raw + vegan)
Thai tempeh with cashews (vegan)
Whole wheat pizza dough (vegan)


Baked meringue with guava, walnuts and chocolate sauce (vege)
Blueberry Crumb Cake (vege)
Chocolate crack cookies (vege)
Granola cobbler crust
Guilt-free chocolate pudding (raw + vegan)
Honey caramel sauce (vege)
Leftover berry tart (vege)
Mint chip ice cream (raw + vegan)
Nutty chocolate bon bons (raw + vegan)
Strawberries and Scotch sabayon (vege)
Tapioca with mung bean and coconut (vegan)


Beet and strawberry smoothie (vegan)
Lazy hot buttered rum

Pickled, preserved and canned

Carrots and daikon pickles (vegan)
(raw + vegan)
Jack’s magic marinara


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  1. Mr Picky is right – the Kung Pao chicken is fantastic!! (If you like it hot, use 2T Sambal – which is what I’ll do next time). Also made the Thai tempeh with cashews – excellent!! Di LOVES them both!!

    Roger and Diane

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