A little spit and polish



It’s rainy here today. Has been for the past two days. They say we’ll have the sunshine back tomorrow. Hmm, I feel a little sad about it. Last year we had something like 30 straight days of rain. It seemed like too much then. This year has been the exact opposite with practically no rain (or snow for our nearby mountains) and we could really use it. ‘Tis dry, my friends, too dry! Such a dry Winter does not bode well for the Summer.

I’m not complaining though, a little rain is better than no rain. I’ll take what we can get.

Gloomy weather inspires indoor projects though, doesn’t it? Indoor projects scream two things to me: cleaning closets or crafts.

I’ll take crafts for $1000, Alex!

This project is: How to revive a cast iron door stop … with nail polish.

Yes! I said it! Nail polish!

Ta da!

Nail polish has become one of my favorite crafting paints. It’s enamel. It’s cheap. It comes in 8 million colors. It has a paint brush built in, so it’s neat and tidy. No mess, no fuss and it lasts for ages.

What more can you ask for?


I had this thrifted cast iron door stop that was left outside for a good decade. It was completely rusted and looked awful. But I needed a door stop (Jack kept throwing away my leaky bag of sand out of embarrassment) and this one was free.

So, I scrubbed the heck out of the poor bird with a wire brush and then whipped out a bunch of nail polish like a kamikaze Picasso. Colors I didn’t have (like lime green) I picked up for $0.99.


And voila, good as new!

I LOVE nail polish! I’m telling you, there are a million uses for it besides just painting your nails.


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