Hi. My name is Mic.

I’m a former entrepreneur, current full-time student. Loonyville is where I chronicle life with my sweetie, Jack. We explore. We eat. We read. We fix our 1915 bungalow. We love our families and friends, but they’re spread all over the world and reuniting on the same continent let alone the same time zone can be challenging. So, Loonyville is my attempt to share what’s going on in our little neck of the nation.

“We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it.” —Lauryn Hill

Welcome to our world.


A typical Sunday morning.


Sailing the San Francisco Bay.


My sweetie: I just love looking at his face.


Street vendors in Saigon.


Lost princess in Vermont.


Point Reyes, California.


Somewhere in the French Alps.


A summit in Italy.


From our garden: Beet pesto fettucini.


Conservatories: never met one I didn’t like.


Sweetness from a stranger in HoiAn.



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  1. Looking forward to visiting Loonyville regularly, Mic !
    I figure if you can get your guy to fall for pumpkins and
    knic nacs you’re my kinda’ buddy and blogger ! ~.~
    I am only beginning here at WordPress but have been writing in other venues
    for some time. It’s a natural progression about ten years late
    according to my husband ! I like to approach these things slowly! hahaha!

    Warm Autumn Wishes,

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