Phone photos



Cleaning out one’s phone is a lot like cleaning out one’s purse: freaky.

You know how you find little bits of odds and ends, stray change, random sticky notes, a lone crumbly TUMS? That’s what my phone seems like to me.

I just downloaded the latest round of photos and came across a few that made me smile and chuckle, and even more that made me slap my forehead and admit, “Only I would take this photo.”

Here’s a peek.


Hello, Bree and grandma!

Ever use that phone app called My Sketch? It turns any photo into a cool pencil sketch. It has about a dozen filters. It’s pretty fun.


Hannah, snuggled on my shins. This cat likes to lay on your body like no one I’ve met before. I cannot tell you how many times I have woken up, laying on my side, to find this cat stretched across my hip. Awkward, lemme tell ya.


Lab booties. I was late (of course) heading to lab and forgot to exchange my flip flops for real shoes. Whoops. I was quite the envy of my lab mates that day!


Abby. ‘Nuf said.


Mom’s idea of a simple lunch.


Airplane snack food: green mango with chili dip.


Our constant companions when the dog and I go on our daily walk. ‘Tis Spring now, which means there are nine million babies, too.


Toe socks. The perfect compromise for that important transition time between non-flip flop weather and flip flop weather.

Again, why am I always taking pictures of my feet? I don’t even want to know what that says about my psyche.


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