Cinnamon roll, anyone?



If you’re in Berkeley, Calif. sometime, make sure and stop by Cinnaholic for a little sugar rush and dash of happiness.

And psst. Don’t tell anyone, but they’re vegan. GASP!

Yes, it’s true. And they’re delicious!


They’ve got all kinds of interesting flavors. Jack was a real trooper and helped me taste-test several different flavor combos. He’s a good nut that way.

Above: Blueberry Pie (left) and the “plain”, called Old Skool (right).


All the rolls start out with the basic cinnamon roll as a base. On top of that they add the crazy good toppings. Here, the fella is adding peanut butter for a PB&J roll. Mmmmmmm.


Located across the street from the UC Berkeley campus, it’s a hot spot for students.



Above we’ve got the Strawberry and the Smores.

I can’t remember which we ended up liking best—I think we had fallen into sugar comas—but we did indeed enjoy the heck out of ’em and would highly recommend.

Mmmmmm. Just thinking about them, is making me hungry!


P.S. If you’re not swinging through Berkeley anytime soon, no worries, they’ll ship them to you!


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  1. ooooohh nooooo!!!! one time we left from an international airport where cinnabuns were sold. I took home as many as I could. Well, they are a not excellent transatlantic handluggage. What do you think: would they ship from Berkeley to the Netherlands????? most horrible post ever ;-(,, carrot not in reach for this addicted donkey, snif

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