chicken stock quiz



I ran across a story on Michael Ruhlman’s blog about proper preparation of chicken stock and his practice of leaving his stock out on the stove top throughout the week to use in daily cooking.

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised. My behind might have clenched. Leaving stock out all week just makes me nervous. The bacteria, man, the bacteria!

According to Ruhlman, leaving stock out is a-okay as long as you heat it up when you go to use it, which will kill off any bacteria that may have formed.


I’m curious … what do you guys think? Is it okay to leave chicken stock out on the counter all week? Or am I just being an overly icked out ninny?

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  1. This is what Vera does with her stock- she’s been doing it since she was a wee girl back in the homeland of Prague then England. We have eaten it, and haven’t gotten sick, but I haven’t trusted enough to do it myself….
    Oh! Tried the Colcannon recipe that you mentioned, TBG LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

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