The gardening has begun



Hello, it’s me, Poops. I’m out here in the back garden, a place that I’m normally kept out of because once I dug a big ol’ hole in a vegetable bed. Geez. A little touchy about some stupid dirt, aren’t we?

Anyway, I’m so excited that gardening season has begun because it means that I get to snooze in my favorite sun spots again while mom works on her veggies.


We’ve still got a few small winter crops like kale and bok choy, arugula (you really can’t kill arugula), carrots and chard. But by and large, most of the beds were emptied last month and prepped for new plantings. We (hey, I work hard sleeping in the sun!) spent this week planting our new Spring crops. The garden is fully planted once again. Woohoo! I see digging and a little noshing in my future! Last year I loved to eat cherry peppers right off the bush. Yum!

This year, we’re trying a couple of new things including Chinese cabbage and some new varietals of tomatoes. But I’m most excited about growing LUFFA!


Yup. You got it. Those funky luffa sponges are basically the innards of a dried up luffa gourd. We’ll see how it goes.


And I just had to show you a picture of these succulents. Last summer we (again, I use that term loosely as I mostly did a lot of napping) planted a bunch of succulents around the garden in spots that needed to be drought tolerant—like, in an old tree stump. They have done shockingly well, quadrupling in size in some places. These dudes were originally the size of tennis balls, now they’re the size of basketballs.

Who knew they would grow so big, so fast? I thought they were supposed to be slow growing?


Sigh. It’s so good to be gardening again!

What are you guys growing this Spring?


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  1. oh man, looks so nice to see so much green!! We, of course, still have feet of snow on the ground… in fact it snowed yesterday! Can’t wait to see your your garden turns out this year.

  2. I started an herb garden last year. With such a mild winter, I’m hoping it wintered over well. Then, a bazillion tomatoes….some new basil and we’re good to go

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