It’s raining radishes



My little garden has been producing radishes like crazy. Seriously, they’re coming out my ears! For the past six weeks I’ve been cooking with radishes every day. Prior to this I was not a huge fan of radishes. I basically grew them for Jack because he likes them so much. However, as soon as harvest started he bolted for Alaska and left me alone with buckets and buckets of these things. With a little experimentation I have grown to love these dudes. Plus, they’re a diuretic. What woman doesn’t love that? And they’re big on the prevention of scurvy. Yeah, no scurvy in this household anytime soon.

Sometimes I saute them in a little butter and add them to stir fry greens or maybe a pasta with mushrooms and garlic. Sometimes I slice them into a salad. Sometimes I just dip them in hummus for a yummy crudite. I have even added them to pizza. Yes, I said pizza. It was actually very good.

This ridiculously easy salad has become one of my favorites and the combination can be done in two ways: as a green salad topping or as a chopped slaw.

Ladies and gents, please welcome the Radish and Granny Smith Apple Salad/Slaw. Yaaaayyyyy! Waaahhhh! (the crowd screams).

It’s super simple; there are only two ingredients plus a dressing. It’s really flavorful, crunchy, watery and fresh tasting for these hot summer days. I hope you enjoy this combo as much as I do. Enjoy!


Radish and Granny Smith Apple Salad/Slaw

2-3 radishes
1 Granny Smith apple
2T your favorite poppy seed dressing
fresh ground black pepper to taste

1. Thinly slice (or chop) the radishes and Granny Smith apples so that they are the same size. If I’m adding it to a salad I slice them paper thin. If I’m making a slaw I chop them into little 1/4-inch chunks to give them more weight.

2. Drizzle your favorite poppyseed dressing and crank some fresh black pepper on top. Mix.

3. If you’re making a slaw, you’re done. If you’re making a salad, just add the mix to some lettuce and toss.

4. Optional: Top with some julienned lemon verbena if you have it. The lemony freshness gives an awesome pop.


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