Testing, testing: Chocolate crack cookies



I’ve been testing recipes for Jack’s sister’s upcoming bridal shower. We’re about ten days away and I’m finalizing the details.


On my original menu was macarons, which I was just going to order from Paulette‘s in Beverly Hills. They’ll ship them to you overnight. Awesome. One less thing for us to do and Paulette’s macarons are divine and the perfect accompaniment to tea. I was going to order their Tower, which would have been a spectacular showpiece on the buffet table, but at $106 plus shipping, the cost was making my stomach hurt and keeping me up at night. Since I really need my beauty sleep I glumly crossed it off my menu and went in search of an economical substitute—also known as something that I can make myself for $5.

I came across these cookies over at White on Rice Couple‘s blog—they’d modified a recipe from David Lebovitz’s new cookbook, Ready for Dessert.

Now, I’ve been coveting this cookbook since it’s recent release but have resisted because its focus is dessert. And my hips really don’t need anymore desserts. Really. They don’t. But the thing about David Lebovitz is that I trust him. I trust his recipes. I trust him to lead me down an uncertain path. I trust him to navigate me out of my own ditzyness. My first cookbook of his was an excellent tome dedicated to ice cream, The Perfect Scoop. If you enjoy making ice cream, get this book. It’s wonderful. And easy. And tasty. And comprehensive.

So, when it came to his new cookbook, which is a compilation of his favorite dessert recipes, I was tempted beyond all belief. I wondered, What is David’s fave chocolate chip cookie recipe? Oh, boy was I dying to know.

But I resisted. YES! I resisted!!! I was a rock! Steadfast and strong!

Anyway, despite the temptation I decided to try these cookies out for the bridal shower. The dough is super easy to prep. So easy that I was suspicious of how they would taste. Could it be this easy? Naaaaahhhhh. My cooking experience has taught me to be oh, so cynical.

Last night I popped them into the oven for the requisite twelve minutes, removed them to cool and went about my business. Sometime later I cruised back through the kitchen and was stopped in my tracks.


Huh. It looks like a cookie monster helped himself to some cookies before they finished cooling.


My wail of indignation prompted Jack’s self-satisfied appearance into the kitchen while rubbing his tummy in the universal sign of yummy. He offered an enthusiastic review: Yeah, you can definitely make these again.


(I trust his taste; He’s quite discerning and has an excellent palate. And he’s especially critical when it comes to desserts so his praise had me raising my eyebrows.)

Huh. Well, okay then.

Thank you, David Lebovitz. Once again, you’ve done me right.

And thank you, White on Rice Couple. To see their step-by-step tutorial for these cookies visit their blog.

Or better yet, BUY THE BOOK! After testing this recipe, I sure did!


(Thank you to my darling husband who gifted me with an Amazon gift card for Valentine’s Day. It allowed me to make this purchase guilt-free. Now, if you could make these cookies calorie-free I would really appreciate it. Thanks, your loving wife.)


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