Food: Apple salad



I’ve spent the past week pouring through my neglected stack of food magazines. One of my favorites is Donna Hay out of Australia; the photography always blows me away and makes me whimper in envy.

When I go through magazines I tear out recipes, articles and photos that inspire me and invariably they end up on the idea walls at work. One of the images that I tore out was a slice stacked apple that was a new interpretation of the Waldorf salad. What a terrific idea, I thought. Must come back to that one at some point.

And then yesterday I ran across the idea again on Cookbook Catchall, one of my favorite food blogs. She, too, was inspired by the same image in Donna Hay. I took this as a sign from the universe that I needed to try this little baby out sooner rather than later. Of course, I had to put my own little twist on it.

At the farmers’ market this morning I picked up a flat of strawberries from my fave berry man and they’re so juicy and sweet that I’ll incorporate them into almost any dish. (Last week I added them to the carne asada salad that I served at the ladies’ wine tasting.)

So, rather than do a traditional Waldorf, I decided to go sweet with a drizzle of plain yogurt mixed with brown sugar and a crank of black pepper drizzled over the sliced apple, topped with strawberries and walnuts.

Another option would be to use creme fraiche and agave nectar. Oh, Lordy.

It was perfect for a bright sunny California spring Saturday. Not a Waldorf, but I’ll argue that it might have been just a little bit better.


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