Food: BBQ Pork Spring Rolls



Every Saturday after a trip to the farmers market I inventory the vegetables on hand and put aside the oldest of the bunch to ensure that I use them post haste. This week, among other things, I had some red leaf lettuce, Asian-style cucumbers and green onions along with some leftover Vietnamese BBQ pork from earlier in the week.

Spring Rolls
Mmmm. Spring rolls seemed just the thing.

8-10 leaves of red leaf lettuce
2 petite Japanese cucumbers, julienned
¼ lb BBQ pork (or chicken or turkey), sliced or shredded
8 rice paper wrappers

Spring rolls are ridiculously easy to make. The most important ingredient is the rice paper wrapper that you can buy in any Asian grocery store and many mainstream groceries such as Safeway or Whole Foods. Then you can fill it with almost anything you can dream up: fruit, vegetables, seafood … you name it. It’s the Asian version of a burrito.

Step 1. Fill a large [enough to fit a wrapper] flat dish with water. Dip a wrapper in the water making sure to immerse both sides thoroughly. It will still be a little stiff, that’s okay, it will soften in the next couple of minutes. Lay the wrapper down on a flat surface (I always use a cutting board).

Step 2. Lay a lettuce leaf in the middle of the wrapper. Layer on slices of pork and cucumber.

Step 3. Roll the wrapper like a burrito. Fold the bottom of the wrapper up over half of the filling. Then fold one side over the filling and tuck it in close, then roll the rest of the wrapper

Voila. Spring rolls.


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