Food: Kitchen sink egg salad


egg salad

This is my desk. This is my desk on drugs.

My desk—no, my entire office is a pit right now. I kid you not, it’s a nuclear disaster area with piles of magazines and files, and little scraps of paper, and UPS boxes and an iMac waiting for repair, and my various bags that I haul with me to work every day: my ginormous Mary Poppins purse, my camera bag and my earth-friendly Barnes & Noble tote turned lunch bag. I’ve been to other publishers’ offices before and some are pretty swanky. Mine is definitely not. It’s a wee bigger than a closet with two canary yellow walls and two hunter green walls. No windows. No plush corner office. WAH! Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. (Name that game.)

Anyway, what was the point of this post? Oh, yeah. Eggs, eggs and more eggs.

While trying to use up the Easter eggs from this weekend I boiled a bajillion of them to have around as snacks (they’re perfect before rowing) and for a little egg salad.

My favorite way to eat egg salad is spooned into little butter lettuce cups, but today’s been too busy  … so I just ate it as-is right out of the tupperware. Still darn yummy; however, I missed the crispy freshness of the lettuce.

Kitchen sink egg salad
Serves: 3-4

8-10 boiled eggs
3 tbsp safflower mayonnaise
1 tspn dijon mustard
3 baby gherkin pickles, chopped
pinch black pepper

Whatever is leftover that you want to get rid of. In this case I had about 2 tablespoons leftover olive and artichoke heart mix that I just threw in there and the vinegar dressing was a great addition.

1. Chop eggs. Add remaining ingredients. Mix.

Heap egg salad on bread, crackers, into lettuce cups or just spoon it up straight out of the tupperware. Whatever, it won’t mind.


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