Lazy Hot Buttered Rum



Right now both Jack and I are in the midst of terrible head colds. Add some chilly, rainy weather and you’ve got the perfect scenario for Lazy Hot Buttered Rums.

Here’s how you make ’em.

Step 1. Grab yourself a big ol’ mug, the bigger the better.


2. Drop into the mug a generous pat of butter. (In instances such as these I like to go with the Julia Child philosophy on butter: “With enough butter, anything is good.”)


3. Add a generous tablespoon of brown sugar.


Check to make sure you’ve got GENEROUS portion in there. Oh, yeah, baby. Here we go.


4. Grate some fresh cinnamon. Or be like me and just throw the whole darn stick in there. (This cinnamon is Saigon cinnamon bark that we get at our local Indian grocery store. You’d think we could find it at the Vietnamese grocery, but you can’t. Funny, huh?)


5. Grate some fresh nutmeg.


Get out your favorite rum. In our house Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum is a staple like bread, eggs and cheese.


6. Pour 2 to 3 shots (or jiggers) of rum into your mug. Adjust the quantity to taste. I’m closer to 2 jiggers while Jack is closer 3 (or even 4 depending on how he’s feeling.)


For me, that gives me about one finger of rum in my mug.


7. Then top it all off with boiling hot water.


8. Stir all ingredients until sugar and butter has thoroughly mixed.


Awesome remedy for the sniffles. Even if you aren’t actually getting any better, you certainly FEEL like you’re getting better.


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