Sweet potato mushroom sliders—a huge thumb’s up



For my birthday Jack got me a dehydrator. How romantic, you scoff? Actually, it was.

I have been wanting a dehydrator for YEARS—like, ten years. And Jack being Jack, did all kinds of research before settling on the Excalibur. I love it and use it frequently experimenting with crackers and kale chips and cookies. Some were flops, and some really hit it home. This mushroom slider recipe was one of the successes. As Jack put it, “It’s like Thanksgiving stuffing in a bun.” He couldn’t get enough of them.

If you don’t have a dehydrator you can make these sliders in your oven on a low setting. For the recipe I’m going to point you to Rawmazing—which is where I got the recipe—and the easy-to-follow photo steps. But here’s what I did a little differently …

  1. I halved the recipe, which made a dozen sliders, more than enough for the two of us to eat over the course of a weekend.
  2. I made my patties a little larger, about 3-1/2 inches wide. I used a round mold to keep each patty consistent.
  3. I knew up front that I wanted to put these sliders on English muffins for breakfast sandwiches and they were fantastic! A little vegenaise, a slice of Jalapeno vegan cheddar, pressed salad slaw (I have a recipe for that coming soon) for tang and crunchiness and man, these babies were addictive.

Best of all, the recipe is as easy as it is tasty.


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