Sunday Soup: Bust out your slow cooker!



There’s something about making a big pot of soup that just hits the comfort zone on the weekends. The savory smells that waft through the house … the ease (read: laziness) with which it can be put together and enjoyed … the warm healthy goodness. It all works for me.

Plus, it’s a good way to clean out the fridge. That really works for me.

Bust out the slow cooker and your wierdo leftovers.


I had some pico de gallo, an onion, some baby potatoes and carrots … let’s start throwing them into the pot.


Chop up the onion into nice big chunks. No need to work hard here, Sunday Soups are all about making life easy.


Toss in leftover pico de gallo.


De-seed and slice up a serrano pepper. Toss that baby in for some heat.


We’ve got a few baby golds.


Be lazy and just chop ’em in half. I also had three gnarly looking purple babies that I threw in there. Man, were they funky looking.


Don’t even think about chopping those carrots, just throw ’em in there.


I had some wonky heirloom cherry tomatoes that were headed south fast.


Yikes, look at how wrinkly those tomatoes are. No matter. Once it becomes soup no one will even notice. Gotta love that!


Scrounge around in your freezer and see what needs to be used up. I think this Portuguese sausage was, like, two years old. I’m not kidding. I love Portguguese sausage, particularly Redondo’s brand, which is hard to find on the mainland. It reminds me of growing up in Hawaii. Whenever my friends go to Oahu, they always bring me back some of this sausage and I sit on it like it’s gold, meting it out for special occasions. Well, sometimes you can sit on it until it’s just plain wore out, so I figured I’d better use it.


I just sliced it up still frozen and threw it in.


I also came across this lone piece of sweet hot Italian sausage. It was pitiful. It was badly freezer burned and abandoned by its brethren. It was a sad looking sausage to be sure. But what the heck, this is Sunday Soup! I sliced it up and tossed it in. (Tip: Don’t forget to peel the casings off the sausages.)


Then dump a can of whole tomatoes in, juice and everything. Seasoned, unseasoned, who cares. Throw it in there.

Sprinkle the whole concoction with kosher salt. Crank some ground pepper on there. If you have a bay leaf throw it in there.

Add 3-4 14-oz cans of chicken broth (any old broth will do), even a little wine if you have some leftover from Saturday night (Ha! Like you actually have leftover wine! Ha. Ha!). You want to add enough liquid to cover the solid content and add some flavor. And, here’s one of the most important ingredients, 7-8 shakes of Worcestershire sauce to give it a little smoky kick.

Let that baby cook up on high (2-3 hours) or low (3-4 hours) and fill your house with some savory goodness.



(For those wondering about the fat that’s in the broth, that came from the Portuguese sausage, which has a high fat content. If you use something like chicken or fish or even turkey, you won’t get that kind of fat output. The only fat in this dish will come from your protein so be mindful there, you can go totally lean if that’s what you want. However, in defense of my beloved Portuguese sausage, I will say that the flavor of this soup was incredibly light and not at all greasy or fatty in texture or taste. Even better, it was packed with flavor!)


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  1. When I was a kid, my mom would make something she called “Clean out the refridgerator” soup. Anything leftover went in the pot…… some gravy…great….mashed potato…wonderful….shredded lettuce…yippee…a spoonful of green beans…yep.

    Needless to say, it was the most delicious concoction (sp) ever. To this day, I do the same thing. I’ve got some roast beef and veggie lasagna that’s about to pass out……soup sounds good.

    And the fat in your soup….looks VERY good to me.

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