Bok choy for breakfast?



Currently, my local farmers’ market is overflowing in bok choy. On Thursday I picked up 10 little baby boks that were 5 for $1. I love baby boks and man, can you believe the price? I couldn’t resist. With so many baby boks on hand I challenged myself to come up with new ways to use ’em. First up: breakfast.

Bok choy for breakfast sounds a little strange doesn’t it? Believe me, it’s delicious and perfect for morning when you pair it with honey and cinnamon.

I don’t get up in the morning and crave the harsher greens like collards and mustards, but bok choy, especially baby bok choy has a soft and almost sweet flavor that seems just right for sleepy weekend mornings … like a comfy, cozy bowl of oatmeal, it’s warm and soothing.

Also, this dish couldn’t be faster or easier …

  1. Saute some baby boks (no need to chop ’em, just throw them in whole) in a swirl of oil (I use grapeseed, but safflower would have also been terrific. I didn’t want the overwhelming taste of olive oil with my cinnamon and honey.)
  2. About two minutes in drizzle a little honey on top and sprinkle generously with cinnamon.
  3. Add prunes and continue to saute another 3-4 minutes until baby boks are nice and wilted.

Voila! Fast, easy, comforting, sweet greens for breakfast. I ate this on its own paired with a hot cup of tea and it was divine, but I think it would also be a wonderful addition to a Sunday brunch, say with a spinach and cheese frittata.



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  1. yum – wish I could “create” foods like you do (healthy, economical and delicious)!

    What about adding a “crunch” texture to the bok choy . . . . walnuts? almond slivers?

    • Thanks so much for the offer. Feel free to do the linkup. Unfortunately, I’m not on facebook or I would come over and “like” ya, but I’ll certainly send people your way.

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