Food: Baked quail eggs



More Easter eggs. This time we’ve got quail eggs—what, what, what to do with them. They’re so darn tiny and cute that I can hardly bring myself to eat them. And then with the will of a superhero I get over it and break ’em open to make some pretty good nosh. One of my favorite applications is to bake them with tomatoes in little individual ramekins. This is a really easy dish, but it’s hard to imagine so I’m going to bore you with some atrocious step-by-step photos.

Baked quail eggs with tomatoes, salami and cheese
Serves: 2-4

10 quail eggs, raw
2 medium tomatoes, sliced
4 slices salami (in this case I used nduja, which is soft and spreadable. Ham also works great.)
4-8 1-inch slices of the cheese of your choice (here I’ve used two different Parmesan: one aged, one young)
salt and pepper

Step 1: slice your tomatoes into 1/4-inch slices.

baked quail

And then layer a couple slices so that they fill the bottom of a ramekin. (I’m using medium, 2-cup ramekins here, but I frequently do this dish with small 1-cup ramekins if I’m serving it as a side dish.)

baked quail

Step 2: Slice your salami or ham. (I’m using nduja salami, which is fabulously spicy and soft and spreadable. It’s perfect for this dish.)

baked quail

Then layer salami on top of tomatoes.

baked quail

Step 3: Slice (or grate … but I’m too lazy so I slice) your cheese.

baked quail

Then layer.

baked quail

Step 4: Haul out your quail eggs. Holy cow, aren’t they adorable?

baked quail

And crack five into each ramekin. (For 1-cup ramekins, I only use 2-3 eggs. If you do this dish with regular chicken eggs, only use 1 egg in the 2-cup ramekin, it’ll be plenty.)

baked quail

Step 5: Layer on more tomatoes and crank some salt pepper on top. If you’re using a salty cheese or meat, go easy on the salt or jettison it altogether.

baked quail

Step 6: Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes depending on how soft you like your tomatoes.

baked quail

Oh, Lordy. Soooo gooood. (My goodness this photo looks a funky orange. Sorry about that.)

These little babies are super good and better yet, fun to eat. Bon appetit!


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