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I heart my coffee …



… but I can’t drink it anymore. The acid hurts my stomach. And let’s not forget the other positive effects of caffeine—that it’s an appetite stimulant for sugar and fatty foods. Whoo! Who doesn’t want that, huh?

Over the past five years I have given up coffee more times than I can count. Once I lasted nearly a year.

But I always come back. I miss the rich aroma, the frothy milk, the little kick in my giddyup. I like tea, but it doesn’t have the same kind of depth to it.

It’s harder for me to give up coffee than sugar and that’s saying something.

I’ve been looking for a good substitution for eons. I’ve tried different things: yerba mate, chai, black tea, green tea, blah, blah, blah  … no good.

It’s not the same! It doesn’t offer the same satisfaction.

I was resolved to a life of guilty coffee-drinking. Until now …

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