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Technology-2; Mic-0


star trek

I’ve been slow about posting lately because I’ve been in the back room wrestling with Technology. So far, Technology-2, Mic-0.

In the last two weeks, my laptop died. I mean DIED—as in the hard drive just doesn’t wanna come to work anymore. Ever. It just lies there limp and unresponsive. Ahem.

And then a couple days later my cell phone went berzerk and I had to turn it in for a new one. In the process I lost all my data. All my contacts, my calendar, everything. My only backup was on my laptop, which … was already dead. Leaving me with exactly … nothing.

And because Murphy’s Law is in full order, my laptop was taken off of system backup for some reason (I think first quarter maintenance) and we conveniently forgot to jack me back into the redundancy system. I WAS THE ONLY ONE LEFT OFF THE GRID!!

So, who goes down? Me.

I’ll be back soon because much has been going down in these here hills: Scotch-tasting party, BBQ-tasting Smackdowns, days in the City, hikes, lots of cooking and … summer movies!

For now, I leave you with a review of the new Star Trek film. I LOVED IT! I just loved it! I was so relieved that it was a good as it was. I could go on, but I won’t. Instead I will sit here with my little Jean Luc Picard figurine clutched to my chest and grin like an idiot. You go check out what Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from STNG) says >>