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Holy yum!



The abundance of fruit in the summertime calls for fruit pies and cobblers. I particularly love cobblers for their easy preparation and flexibility of fruit to dough ratio. I like more fruit and less dough in my cobblers.

I’m always trying new recipes in search of dishes that are “even better” … and this cobbler topping has landed on my Holy Yum! list. I couldn’t get Jack to stop eating it right out of the pan. We both loved this cobbler topping and I stuck a copy of the recipe in our “family cookbook”, which means it’s pretty darn special. In the past 18 months I have only tucked three recipes in there and this was one.

Plus, for those who care this recipe is vegan, has a low sugar GI and is probably the healthiest recipe that I’ve come across. Jack kept asking: How much butter was in there? None. How much sugar? No refined sugar at all. He gave me the squinty eye. Impossible!

What can I say, as far as cobbler toppings go it’s pretty darn healthy. What a boon that it’s the best tasting one, too!

This is a very generous recipe—I used half on my cobbler and added the rest to our homemade granola. It was delicious and didn’t last long!

Here you go, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have >>

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What kind of fruit is this?




On our weekly pilgrimage to the local farm stand I walked by a huge pile of these dark green orange-looking things and they stopped me in my tracks. Why, hello. What what do we have here?

I think I’ve mentioned before that I could be a fruitarian. I’m attracted to fruit like … well, a fruitarian.

Needless to say, I saw this strange fruit and was fixated. Are these like the green oranges that they have in Vietnam? (I wrote about them here.) Because if yes, than I’m buying 5lbs of ’em, they’re soooooo gooood.

But they weren’t.

Hmmm. What the heck are these things?

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