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Travel: Oakland Airport has free wifi!


I’m sitting here waiting for my flight to Albuquerque via Phoenix and decided to use the time to get some much needed work squeezed in. (The work of a Publisher is really never ever done. There’s ALWAYS a million things to do. Unfortunately. On the one hand, it keeps life interesting. On the other hand, it’s a pain in the ass.) Anyway, when I popped my laptop open—whoa!—lo and behold I discovered that Oakland Airport now has free wifi. HALLELUJAH! THANK YA JAYSUS! I’m pretty sure they didn’t have it last year … although I could be wrong. Nope. I just asked the dude next to me and he said it was fairly new.

Go, Oakland Airport!

(Warning: Mental left turn. >>> Have you noticed that laptop plugger-inners congregate around electrical outlets the way smokers do outside buildings? It’s an instant, if brief and temporary, bond. For a bunch of strangers, plugger-inners are fairly considerate folk. I wonder how many relationships have been struck due to plug-in proximity in a public place? Are there folks who have become life long friends, partners, lovers? Or is it just ships passing in the recycled-air-filled terminal? Hey, this is the way my mind works. It wanders. I can’t help it.)

That’s it. This public announcement is over. You may resume your life. Thank you for not smoking.