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The carnitas burrito



We’re starting to taste test burritos here in the office. That and pulled pork sandwiches, which seems to be the quintessential BBQ sandwich for summer. But let’s get back to the burrito.

We had a lot of discussion on what type(s) of burrito to test because burritos are one of those dishes like sandwiches; it can come a zillion and a half ways. How to decide, how to decide … we chanted that around for quite some time before settling on the basic to-go (foil wrapped) carnitas burrito with the basic fixings: rice, beans, salsa, sour cream and cheese—hold the guacamole.


Why carnitas? Because it’s a traditional Mexican pulled pork meat that is fairly difficult to get right. If overcooked it’ll dry up like jerky. Yuck. If done well though, it will be soft and succulent, and loaded with flavor. We figure if a joint can deliver the carnitas, they’re probably going to get the other easier-to-cook meats done right as well. No guarantees here, just a hypothesis.

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