Happy Valentine’s Day!



Remember the fun of getting/giving Valentine’s day cards and candy in elementary school? I was crazy about the Muppets and the Peanuts so those were my favorite Valentines. I also loved those little heart candies that say, “You’re Mine” and cupcakes topped with hot pink frosting and sprinkles.

Now I’m a little older and lean towards Clint Eastwood Valentines. It’s twisted, I know. But cupcakes with hot pink frosting are still much appreciated. Jack’s getting a couple of these oh, so romantic scratch-off valentine’s day cards that I made up for our little V-day celebration.

Ever make your own scratch off cards? They’re super easy. Here’s how >>

Card stock, metallic acrylic paint*, dish washing liquid, paint brush, clear packing tape or contact paper

  1. Print out your design on card stock. I did mine two-up on a letter-sized sheet of paper, so they’re about 8.5″x5.5″.
  2. Cover the area that you want to be covered or “scratched off” with the clear packing tape or contact paper. I cut little circles out of packing tape a little larger than those copper dots, which is the metallic scratch-off paint.
  3. Mix 2 parts metallic paint with 1 part dish washing liquid and paint over your packing tape/contact paper.
  4. Let dry and voila—fun, custom scratch-offs!

*I used copper metallic paint for something a little different, but silver will make it look just like a store bought lottery ticket.

Have fun and Happy V-Day!


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