Happy New Year! Snapshots from Santa Fe …



The last couple months I’ve taken an unintentional hiatus from blogging. The time has been filled with what seems like non-stop travel. In the past three weeks we’ve hit three states, the latest being New Mexico. And I have to admit that our time in Santa Fe has been lazy and idyllic—hot springs and hiking, lots of reading and catching up on sleep, good food and peaceful hikes. Anything resembling “work” has taken a back seat to lying on the couch and brainstorming with my eyes closed.

I’ve got hundreds of photos to sift through, but for now here are a few snapshots of Santa Fe, all taken with my phone, so bear with me.


The impetus for our trip to Santa Fe: Lee and Sarah’s long awaited wedding. Beautiful!



The Square in Santa Fe lit up for the holidays. Lots of window shopping and idle wandering.


Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen: a local’s favorite for authentic New Mexican cuisine. Here’s Jack sweating through the carne adovada, which was 5-alarm hot and spicy. We laughed through the entire meal.


And throughout our stay we took off for some incredibly scenic hikes followed up by equally enjoyable trips to the hot springs and spas. Lovely. It’s all been so lovely.





Happy New Year, everyone! We’ll see you on the other side!

Mic and Jack


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