I am such a product of my generation … I heart TV!



If I’m puttering around in the kitchen or working on a project I like to listen to the TV in the background. I find this especially helpful if I’m working on something creative. It’s like my cerebral left-brain is occupied listening to the show, which provides more freedom/less cerebral restriction to my creative right-brain. In other words, listening to TV helps me get in the creative zone.

I like to watch TV online or on DVD. There are no commercials and I can watch episodes back to back. Awesome! How did we ever watch TV with commercials interrupting everything? And now, I’m so used to watching episodes back to back that I barely have patience to wait a week between current shows. So, I tend to watch things one season behind.

When Jack and I were still dating and he realized I had this penchant for listening to TV shows I think he seriously questioned dating me.

At the time I was watching …

Murder She Wrote.

Yes, I admit it. I have a passionate and devoted affection for Jessica Fletcher and her mystery-solving ways. I love her! I want to move to Maine because of this show. The first time I visited the seaside town of Mendocino, Calif., which is where the show was filmed I about peed my pants when I drove by her house.

You can live-stream all 13 seasons on Netflix. It’s beautiful. I have seen the whole series twice. Um, maybe three times. Okay, four! (Should I be admitting that? Hey, I’m just being me.)


After Murder She Wrote I began watching Magnum P.I.

Once again, Jack’s eyebrows went up.

I love Magnum! He’s funny. And I was born in Hawaii. I still have family there, so it holds a special place in my heart.

And he’s funny! And I crack up every time I see him in those super short corduroy “Op” shorts from the 80s. I used to own shorts like that, too. (The girl version, of course. My legs didn’t look as cute as Magnum’s; I have stocky legs. Short-shorts are not a good look on me.)

Recently, I pulled up the series so that I could listen to it. Again. When it came on screen and I screamed. Netflix took it off instant-watch! Quel terrible!!! What were they thinking??? I was prompted to write a disgruntled letter, but I figure with all the hate mail Netflix is getting about their rate change, my little letter would get lost. I’ll wait and hit them when the hoopla dies down. Put Magnum back on instant-watch!


Currently, I’m watching Frasier. I started with Season 1. I had forgotten what a funny show this is.

Brilliant writing and acting. I love David Hyde-Pierce. He’s so cute. I want to put him in my pocket.


And despite my penchant for nostalgic TV, we do watch the occasional current show. We don’t have cable so if we really want to watch something we have to scour the free online sites or pay for it on Amazon.com.

Jack is uber-passionate about Breaking Bad. I love the show, but he’s addicted. And when I say addicted, I mean obsessed. He wailed after the last episode of the season two weeks ago. Seriously. Wailed! And since then I have had to listen to him complain, “Why do I have to wait a YEAR before the next season starts? WHY??!” Sometimes we’ll be driving to the store or doing laundry and he’ll burst out with this totally out of the blue. It’s a little unnerving. But I feel his frustration. It’s a great show.


Since we’re in limbo I’m about to start us on the British show, Primevil, which I’ve heard raves about. You can instant-watch the first three seasons on Netflix, which will gives us a chance to catch up.


Am I the only one that watches nostalgic TV?

And does anyone have any suggestions for other shows to check out? We’ve got a year to fill before the new season of Breaking Bad. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long year.


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  1. Some of my Netflix staples include Psych, Doctor Who, Cheers, and The Wonder Years. HIMYM and Mad Men are also on, which have been sitting in my queue. What do you think of Breaking Bad? I’ve heard good things, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet.

  2. Bob is obsessed with Breaking Bad, too. But he (we) started at season 3 or something, so now he’s going back and watching seasons 1 & 2. I also like it, but can’t stay up quite as late on a weekday, so miss out on lots (although Bob tries to be good about filling me in).

    Have you guys watched Six Feet Under yet? We loved it.

  3. I can’t believe Jack loves Breaking Bad. Since it’s filmed in ABQ I have met some of the cast and have friends who are extras. I watch it with friends when Wallace sends us the DVDs of three episodes at a time. I think it’s coming out again in Feb. not a whole year of waiting.

  4. Hi – I’ve only been on WordPress for a couple of months but your blog and posts really appeal to me. Despite the difference in our ages (a couple of decades or more) I too really love televison. I love Frasier and am glad it keeps running on British television’s Channel 4 (for free!). I also really enjoy ‘Murder She Wrote’ and that is being shown again on ITV. Primevil was fun (good to watch with my children). I would highly recommend Green Wing if you can find it. It was on Channel 4 for only a couple of seasons and is british comedy writing at its best. I remember laughing out loud.

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