This is my mom’s dog, Milu (pronounced Mee-Loooo).We have no idea what kind of dog he is, but he reminds me a little of a King Charles spaniel, maybe mixed with some Asian spaniel-type.

He’s the absolute sweetest little dude.

He’s so laid back and easy going; nothing much bothers him. He loves affection. And for sure he’s a family dog, happiest in the midst of his pack.

At the smallest invitation he’ll come lay his head against your leg or curl up next to your foot.

And he’s got the most adorable chocolately brown eyes that look at you with such love. He’s so cute!

Okay, this particular expression isn’t his best, he look like he’s baring his teeth at you, but actually I think he’s trying to smile.


But trust me.


He’s such a sweetheart. So much that we’re trying to take him back to the U.S. with us.

Unlike in the U.S. the Vietnamese don’t put a lot of resources into their pets. In fact, Veterinarians in Vietnam only receive 6 months of training and it is geared mostly towards animal husbandry and livestock with virtually zero focus on small animal pets. So, finding a vet in Saigon in order to get the required shots and health documents was interesting. Turns out there are not many vets or clinics who provide such services. And when I say not many I mean less than 5 total in a city of more than 9 million people.

Astounding, eh?

Finally, we found a small animal vet who was trained in Canada and serves primarily the expat community. And he loves animals. Yay! You’d think that would be a baseline requirement for vets, but it’s definitely not so here in Vietnam. Animals are a commodity, not members of your family. In fact, the inhumane treatment of animals is rampant, so you have to be very careful.

Can you imagine this little face being treated inhumanly?


I know! Neither can we. So, he’s coming home with us. Done deal. Microchipped, check. Shots, check. Paperwork, check.

Now I just need to clip his nails (they’re like talons—I’m not kidding!) and brush his teeth, maybe shampoo him and do his hair. I’m thinking a little mousse, a little blow out. Oh, come on!. Everyone needs to look their best when traveling. 🙂


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