Oh, the food!



Since I arrived in Vietnam I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat.

It’s not my fault! The food here is so, so good! Everything is so fresh and tasty.

And I’ve come to realize that this fixation on food is a family thing, it’s not just me. We spend a lot of time talking about all the different places that we want to go eat. While we’re eating lunch we’re planning dinner. When we’re out and about town we encourage each other to try every street food snack we come across. We’re just a bunch of enablers.


Joe and I cannot stop eating these ginger candies that we picked up at the monastery. It’s one of the many goodies that we took away from our visit there. Geez! They’re so flavorful and delicious.

Plus they were made by a bunch of nuns … so they can’t be bad for you, right? If anything we’re being blessed.


Hello. Is this thing on?


Vermicelli noodles with BBQ pork and egg rolls.


Tons and tons of fresh coconut juice. Minh is particularly addicted to it. On the way home tonight he stopped off and bought 8 coconuts. He looked a little funny lugging this huge bag of coconuts.


Large rice noodles with mushrooms and pork.


Oh, brother. I succumbed to the evil and yet deliriously fantastic Vietnamese iced coffee, which is made with sweet condensed milk. It’s my favorite coffee of all time and I just couldn’t resist. Especially on a morning when you’re trying to overcome jet lag. Nothing tastes better than cafe sua da. I’m telling you, it’s the best!

And then there’s all the fruit …




Sheesh. I’m munching on this jack fruit even as I type this.

It’s a problem. Except that despite all this eating I know that I’ll leave Vietnam a little lighter than when I arrived. By some miracle I always do. Thank goodness, because I seriously don’t know how I can resist all the fantastic food.


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