Growing Shiitake mushrooms



Jack brought home a Shiitake mushroom log last week. Apparently I get one from him every season. I had no idea!

Last season I got an oyster mushroom log (shown on the left) that I wrote about here >>>. Check out the difference with the Shiitake on the right. Interesting, eh?


I’m hoping they’ll do a Candy Cap mushroom log someday. I would love to grow them and make ice cream. Oh, heavenly. Sigh. Reminds me of Mendocino.

Anyway, here’s a little recap on how these suckers work …

You keep the log in a plastic bag or under a garden cloche, if you have one, where it can live in a humid environment. Poke holes all over the bag for ventilation. Mist the log several times a day and if it gets too wet, just leave the bag open for awhile. In a couple of days you’ll start to see mushrooms pop up.

We’re a couple days into it here; I have a feeling in about a week this little log will be covered in mushrooms.


Mmmm. I’m already day dreaming about fresh pasta with a lovely mushroom sauce.


If you can’t find these mini mushroom farms in your area they can be ordered from Far West Fungi in San Francisco. If you’re local, Jack picks them up at the Ferry Building Marketplace.

They’re better than flowers!


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  1. Oh grr! i am so in the middle of Nowhere, small town Holland. Nothing of this kind ships to Nowhere! keep some fungi in your freezer for next summer 🙂

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