Pumpkins for the garden



This little guy greets you at the gate that leads to our main vegetable garden—where there are more pumpkins nestled in patches here and there.

I made a similar Dia de los Muertos pumpkin for a good friend who has an amazing collection of dolls and figurines. I thought this pumpkin would go perfectly at his house.

It cracked me up so much that I ended up making another one for us and our garden. Now, when I walk out to the garden and see this fella it reminds me of our friend and makes me smile.

I also had the cutest little scarecrow in the pepper patch.

And look what happened to him!!

Here he is in the driveway. Look at his poor face!!


Thank you so much, Lily. (She had no idea what I was wailing and hollerin’ about.)


Next time I paint a pumpkin it’s going to say BOO HOO.


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  1. Oh the poor scarecrow – Lily was trying to protect you from the scary scarecrow – too bad it got completely destroyed. She looks so innocent with those big melty eyes of hers. Have a Great Day!

  2. My room is decorated in Day of the Dead theme, so I absolutely adore that pumpkin! Was it difficult to paint? I did a few paintings for my room, but I based them off of skull designs from a necklace I bought from the flea market. Did you design it yourself?

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