Gratitude … plus a new project.




Wow. Thank you so much for all the kind comments in the last few days. Who knew that a little post about pumpkin decorations would draw such commentary?

If I’m a little slow in responding, please forgive me, but know that both Jack and I read the comments and marvel at the extensions of camaraderie. Thank you! We are visiting your blogs and getting to know you as you get to know us and somehow hours are lost browsing all the cool content, which makes us slow in making the rounds. In the meantime, it’s a joy getting to know you, too.

As those who know me can attest, I love meeting new people and sharing. Preferably over cocktails. 🙂

New project.

Jack has agreed to do a blog project with me, a project that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. When I proposed the idea, he instantly said, “Sure. Let’s do it.” This is one of the many reasons that I love the dude. He so readily goes along with all of my insane ideas and requests. For example,

Me: “Let’s go skydiving for our anniversary this year.”
Him: “Uh. Okay.”
Me: “Really! That would be so fantastic!”
Him: “Uh … .”

I think he’s a little relieved I eventually decided that I would rather do something on the ground.

ANYway, several years ago I stumbled across the blog project, 3191, a year of mornings. I loved it!

It has evolved into the current project: 3191 miles apart.


Check it out. I’m telling you, it’s fascinating. It’s esoteric and intimate. It’s revealing and discreet. And like all good diptychs, its power is derived from the contrast of the subject matter and the artist.


Here’s a couple from the series: “A Year of Sundays”.



I used to look at this project and wonder what it would be like if a couple did it. Have you ever met couples who are so different that you wonder how it is they’re together? Shoot, sometimes I look over at Jack and think it’s a miracle we’re married.

And so Jack has agreed to do this project with me. We’re going to do it for one year.

Once a week, probably on the weekend, I’ll post a diptych composed of one of Jack’s photos from the week, and one of mine.

A little disclaimer: Neither of us are professional photographers. Hell, Jack usually takes photos with his phone. So, this is not about the quality of the photo, but the quality of the subject.

And hopefully at the end of the one year, it will have been just as interesting a journey for you as it was for us.

I’ll post our first diptych tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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  2. Good Luck with the Blog Project – sounds like a fun project and that you are doing it together is awesome. Enjoy & cannot wait to see the following posts pertaining to the project.

  3. I love this idea! My husband is about to go to Afghanistan for 6 months and this would be a great project for us to try as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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