It’s pumpkin time …



Back in early September Jack started persistently asking when I was going to start putting out our pumpkin stuff. To my surprise he was thinking about our Fall decorations weeks before I was. What a laugh! Oh, how times have changed, my friends. My holiday-indifferent sweetie has succumbed to the fun, fun, fun of the holiday season! I never thought it possible.

When we first met he didn’t care even one iota about the Fall season and its bevy of decorations and celebrations. In his mind it’s a waste of time and money. Plus, the number of tchotchkes in our house seem to multiply exponentially, which normally drives him bananas. I, on the other hand, absolutely love the Fall season and can’t wait to tchotchke-up our house as we move through Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Last week when I saw all the pumpkins hit our local farm stand I knew it was time to start decorating for Fall. Yay! Even Jack said, “Yay! Finally!”

This year I’ve got a miniscule budget, so I had to get creative. I ended up scouring the back roads of town for pretty grasses, twigs and reeds. They’re free and last for ages, which is a big win in my book.


First up: The front door. Instead of the typical corn stalks I collected dead/dry marsh reeds, which I just stuck in my little boxwood planters giving me lots of height to frame the doorway along with that wintery tree look without the bulk. I wanted something simple and very subtle. It’s still a little too summery to go heavy “Fall” so this is more “transition-lite”.

I left the bottom step below the pumpkins empty for now and plan to add big pots of flowers when I finally see something I like. Jack hates the traditional mums (they die too fast), so we’ll see. Any suggestions are welcome.


I also changed up the wreath on the front door (moving the old one to the back door). I replaced it with a ristra that I made from Indian corn that I picked up for $3. It’s a little slim so I’ll probably add more to it next year. For now it’s simplicity works for me. Jack and I both love the chili ristras of New Mexico so maybe someday we’ll add that to our scheme as well.

Our entry table has switched to fall grasses (again from the back roads) and flowers from our garden. This is also the time of year that I bust out our pewter serving ware, beloved pieces that I inherited from my Dad’s family in the South. I love tucking greenery and flowers in little pewter pitchers.


In our living room I’ve got my tree branch (again from the back roads of town). I really like simple tree branches, they’re so versatile. Throughout the holiday season I’ll change out the decorations on this twig to birds nests and swags of dried moss to a few beautiful ornaments at Christmas. In the Spring it can host green moss and butterflies. Really, the possibilities for it are endless and so easy. I also love the height and architecture that a simple tree branch provides. And shoot, it’s cheap to do, just go out and cut a new twig every year.

For now it hosts my funny little Halloween ornaments—they never fail to crack me up.


In the kitchen we’ve got more dried grass (in a pewter coffee pot) from the back roads along with cuttings from our garden. That’s a black sunflower there. Amazing, isn’t it? I’ve got some that are a deep red and then some that turn totally black, just perfect for Halloween.

We’re not done yet—there are still more pumpkins to place—but it’s a nice start.

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m already making our spooky-weekend movie list.

Is it me or is October moving along way too fast?


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  1. Love your decorating style – thanks for sharing it with us in photos. I have dressed up the front door, but have not made it any further than that for now.

    • В начале сентября Джек начал настойчиво спрашивать когда я собирался начать положить наш тыквы вещи. К моему удивлению он думал о наших падения украшения недель, прежде чем я был. Какой смех! Ах как изменились времена, мои друзья. Мой праздник равнодушным конфетка поддался весело, весело, весело курортного сезона! Я никогда не считалось возможным.

      Когда мы впервые встретились он не волнует даже на йоту осенний сезон и его bevy украшения и торжеств. В его разуме это пустая трата времени и денег. Кроме того, ряд tchotchkes в нашем доме представляется умножить экспоненте, который обычно диски его бананы. С другой стороны, я, абсолютно люблю осенний сезон и не ждать, чтобы tchotchke вверх наш дом по мере продвижения через Halloween, благодарения и затем Рождества.

      На прошлой неделе, когда я увидел все тыквы хит наш стенд местных фермеров, я знал, что пришло время начать украшения на осень. Yay! Даже Джек сказал, “Yay! И наконец!”

      В этом году у меня miniscule бюджета, поэтому я должен был получить creative. Я в конечном итоге очистка обратной дороги города довольно трав, сучки и тростник. Они свободно и последний для возрастов, который является большой победы в моей книге.

    • Awesome ideas! I love fall time too and being on a budget does make it hard to decorate for the holidays (I know all about that lol), but everything you’ve done has turned out great!

    • All we do for christmas is our door, the huge
      wreath blows in the wind and makes a creepy
      scritching sound. Let me suggest root bundles
      as door hangings – wash and dry the roots you
      find when pulling weeds, tie and hang! Also,
      check out my sight to learn Where The Really
      Cool Ghosts Hang Out!

    • Decorating with little pumpkins is such a festive and lovely way to celebrate harvest season. You’ve inspired us to “autumn-fy” our office!

  2. Very pretty. I too love decorating in October, especially for Halloween. Love the trick-or-treaters. Dying to get a cute Halloween apron and Sur La Table! Thanks for your post!

  3. I was just trying to decide when is too early to carve a pumpkin. I really don’t know how long they last and how long the neighborhood kids can resist smashing it. Maybe I’ll take your lead and just do it!

  4. I LOVE the grasses! They are beautiful. Think your ideas are great too – may go do a little outdoor hunting myself! Til now, have only been photographing – I know all the good spots to go! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Here are some of the grasses I have in mind….
    I was out shooting pictures of berries the other day, but haven’t posted yet! May try to slip them in somehow too!
    ps – congrats on being freshly pressed!

  5. Love love loved your decoration and post. I must say the idea of twig and adding accessories are very cute and interesting. I look forward to do something colorful like this someday. 🙂

  6. Great ideas! I may have to use some of them. I just discovered a meadow in a park nearby my house. I could pick up some dried grass to decorate my home! It is beautiful!!! 🙂


  7. Ooh, I love the corn wreath–great colors and texture! I also love the stack ‘o pumpkins, especially with the three different colors. I would never have thought to do that, but I might have to steal this idea. And since my dogs like to chew on the stems of pumpkins, they can help me out with the stacking. 🙂

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  9. I love your decor. i have never been one to decorate for the fall but i think u have inspired me to get some pumpkins and corn of my own. The color are amazing and i love that you have worked on the inside of the house to. once i get everythingsituation i will let u know how everything went.

  10. Lovely decorations. Love the grass and sticks. I think I need to take a walk. I have the perfect movie for your list. Have you ever heard of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken? It stars Andy Griffin and Don Knotts. Spooky and funny without being gory and gross.

  11. Love your decor! I love decorating for fall, especially getting out lots of pumpkins. I love how you hung the Indian corn too. I just bought some today to display. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  12. Your photos are great and I love the simple touches that you put in and around your home to get into the Fall spirit without looking too kitschy. Being in California certainly gives you ample resource for all of the plant decor; when I moved to the East Coast from the Bay Area I noticed the “lack of harvest” right away! This makes me miss home! But for those in the NYC area you can find ways to craft cheaply on my blog or at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn.

    Thanks for the post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  13. These are really great ideas! I now have some new ideas for decorating my home for Autumn & The holidays!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I really love your creative and beautiful decoration ideas! That pirate is really cute 🙂 And it’s not just you, October really seems to be just flying by at top speed! Thanks for sharing your ideas and photos, and congrats on freshly pressed!

  15. ha ha! must be in the air! like you I have a weird pumpkin obsession but this year the hubby was out running an errand and to my surprise came home with 2 beautiful orange pumpkins and plopped them at our front door! it’s a subtle charming entry way kissed with autumn colored love!

  16. Great decorations! I have been a little late putting ours up this year – we normally don’t do much for Halloween, but we have a toddler in the house now and she wants to decorate (everything). Maybe I’ll get everything set up tomorrow…

  17. Wow, yeah, I just realized that October is almost half gone! =/

    This year, we’re going to spray paint pumpkins black and then carve them and put tea light candles in them (the fake kind, to be safe). I’m so excited!

  18. Very cute..I love all of your ideas! Being creative with free stuff provided by nature is the best and you did such a great job..I love your pirate ornament.. I will definitely follow you to see what else you have up your sleeve 😉

  19. Love your decorations! You’ve got beautiful photos and I love the white pumpkins especially. We’ve just put our Halloween table cloth on the dining room table in my apartment. My roommate is off to buy some pumpkins today, and it finally feels like fall has arrived. My favorite time of year!

  20. We just busted out our fall-oween decorations as well. Love this time of year. Have been keeping my eye out for white pumpkins but none have appeared in my path yet.

  21. viva los pumpkins! Funny, my husband was asking me where the Halloween stuff was and if I wanted him to hang something from the tree out front. Where’s my husband and who are You?!?

  22. I love all of your ideas and your steps and doorway are gorgeous! I love the tile on your steps! These are really simple ideas for decorations but so cute and festive for the season. I can’t wait to try some of these tricks one day soon! =) Thanks for sharing!

  23. cute decor! i’m currently sitting at my friends house, unpacking her halloween decorations…she’s a freak. she has about 25 tubs of item including but not limited to a real-sized coffin, skeletons, unimaginable numbers of spiders, snakes, talking mirrors, bats, fake blood. she’s got it all. a great party to come.

  24. I can’t wait to get a house of my own and decorate it like yours! Your ideas are so inpsiring and I like the money saving ideas of going on the backroad to get what you need for your decors. Awesomeness.

  25. Love love LOVE the pirate, he is completely adorable!!! I want one 😀 I am having my hens weekend over Halloween weekend, so excited… we are all dressing as Pirates!!!
    Congrats on the FP

  26. My own sweetie is trying to make me a changed woman about Christmas but I’m kind of like scrooge for it. I don’t mind fall, I find it very pleasant with the weather and love the colors of the leaves changing and everything. I love your decorations though and I think you did a great job with it!

  27. Beautiful decorations! I have been attempting to build my holiday decoration stash and boy is it slow going. Your ideas are great and the photography is great.

  28. These are SOO neat!

    And yes…October is flying by way too fast! By the time I get through starting any kind of Fall decorating, October will be over. But you’ve certainly inspired me to be on the lookout for Fall decor items–for NEXT year!

    Btw, I just LOVE the twig and all its possibilities…

    Congrats on being FP’ed.

  29. Hooray for Fall! Isn’t it fun to post about it? Your pumpkins on the front step are so cute all stacked up. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration, & congrats on being FP!

  30. I love this time of year not only does it hold some wonderful memories of mine but it has always been my favorite season the crisp, cool air, the numerous colors that fill the skylines, the shorter days, the falling leaves I love it all. Your decorations look great wish I had time in my day to really decorate the way I want to.

  31. Loved the decorations – it’s not something we really do over here in London, UK but they look fabulous. OH is American so I might borrow a few ideas and surprise him.

  32. Beautiful ideas! Fall is my favorite season but I can’t justify spending money on decorations. I love your ideas for using braches and grasses—they look wonderful and you can’t get cheaper than free! Also love the stacked pumpkins, you’ve shown me there IS a tasteful way to decorate with pumpkins (and don’t get me started on those white pumpkins in a basket—love love love!)

  33. Enjoyed reading your blog and your fun seasonal spirit! I don’t celebrate Halloween but LOVE the fall.. since we live in Florida I make a very intentional effort to decorate with local seasonal items like pumpkins and squash too, and of course, making the food of the season always makes it feel like fall.. even if the weather still says “summer” 🙂

  34. Ciao! Great post! I love October and Halloween!

    I agree with you that October seems to be flying by this year! Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy at work, but I must set aside some time to enjoy October and autumny things! 🙂

  35. This is my favourite time of year. I love your ideas. They look great. I’m also making apple ‘shrunken heads’ and scull muffins with chocolate brains! Oh how I love Halloween!

  36. I really love your decor! This year I just haven’t turned it on in the decor department. I will need to come up with something for Thanksgiving since we’re hosting at our house for the first time-so excited(!)-and I’m going to bookmark this page because of your ideas. I love how the tree branch with the tiny ornaments or moss for spring is so versatile. Great job! 🙂

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  38. Our son came home with a big fat pumpkin from school. I had a pint of pumpkin ale with dinner last evening, and now stumbled upon your blog. Good things come in threes–including pumpkins! 😉 Nice blog!

  39. Love your blog and love this idea; I’ll be shamelessly borrowing it for my own holiday decorations this weekend … with my own spin, of course. Check for it at


  40. Fall is also my very favorite season, and I really like all of your ideas, especially the pewter displays. I’ll have to give that a go at my house.

    Thank you so much for sharing, & congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  41. I’m thinking of getting a tree branch like that for our Christmas tree this year since we just got married and live in a tiny apartment and there isn’t much room for a big tree. Great idea! If I have awesome decor pictures to post on my blog this year, I’ll have you to thank for the inspiration!

  42. I love your style and the eclectic nature of your decor! Everything is simple but shows grandiose. Very nice! I also have lots of fall decorations up in my little apartment here, and I can’t wait to put more pictures up for all to see. If you ever want to visit my sites, Edition is my news blog – where I post my published articles and photographs from work – and handhewn is my personal blog chronicling my life adventures through photos, poetry, normal posts and videos.

    I’m just starting to get out there and comment/like/follow people, so I hope you’d like to follow handhewn or Edition when you get a chance!

    Thanks for the great photos in your post and I hope you enjoy my handhewn blog (it’s really my favorite)!

  43. LOVE the tree branch idea! Gonna have to do that one myself especially since I just trimmed my poplar tree in the front yard! You gave me tons of ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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