Where we walked this weekend


(App: Instagram)

I’m not sure why I’m always taking pictures of my feet. It’s like I’m saying, “I’ve walked here. In this spot. Here’s the evidence: my feet.”

It makes no sense. And yet I still do it. I can’t help myself. We all have our own neuroses, right?


Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Anyway … we took off this weekend and I walked where I have never walked before.

Jack has been working on a project in the Mammoth Lakes area of California for the past year or so. He needed to go back this past weekend in order to collect more samples and he asked if I would like to go along. It would involve hiking and camping and picturesque landscapes.


Of course I wanted to come along! When have I ever passed up an opportunity to explore new territory?

I’ve got 300+ pics on my camera to sort through so there’s definitely more to come, but for now … here’s a sneak peek. (These pics were all taken with various apps on my phone and I’ve listed each app right below the picture. It was fun to play around with the various apps and effects.)

(App: Instagram)

(App: DerManDer)

(Regular ol’ iPhone camera)

(App: Pocketbooth)


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  1. Beautiful pics. I also take pictures of my feet every once in a while – I have to agree that I do it at times to prove I was there. I also love to take pictures of trailheads or signs – drives my other half nuts. Love the Mammoth Lakes area – so much to see and do – explore and adventure.

  2. Amazing stuff?! I”ve been looking at balloons here in ABQ. It must really clear your head to be out there like that and just be present to every rock and tree. I was once told that the spirits of the rocks and trees and even animals see the perfect creatures that we are and is a most healing part of being outside in all that. We are reminded of who we really are.

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