Walkin’ the dawg



On Friday the “dawg” and I carpooled with Jack over to the peninsula. We dropped Jack at work and then headed straight for the beach in Half Moon Bay for a much needed breath of ocean air. There’s something about the beach that just clears the mind, don’t you think? After a LONG walk the dawg finally conked out and I was able to get in plenty of studying at a local coffee shop. The upcoming week is full of exams so there’s a lot of studying going on right now.

Who knew that I would come to love organic chemistry so much? I know! I’m a little shocked myself.


When we first got to the beach we were surprised by this herd of goats about 50 feet from the cliff. Call me crazy but beaches and goats are not something that I automatically associate together. But alas, there they were.





Oh, yes. We had fun. Lily got to do what she loves to do: tear it up all over the beach spraying sand everywhere and chasing waves.


And I got to do what I like to do: beach comb. I can spend hours looking at shells and little crabs, pieces of driftwood and algae. There were tons of these jelly fish things. I have no idea if they’re actually jelly fish or not, but that’s what they look like to me, so that’s what I’m calling them.


All in all it was a good way to start a weekend of studying.




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