Fort Funston National Park: Part I



Lily was cooped up for a couple days while I was in Reno, so I thought we should head out for a doggy day at the beach in San Francisco so she could run, play with other dogs and sniff new smells. She’s such a good dog, how could I not want to do right by her?

Fort Funston is known as one of San Francisco’s best dog-friendly beaches and I would have to agree. Finding miles of off-leash terrain is challenging so be forewarned—it’s a busy place, however, there’s lots and lots of room and trails for dogs to run, play and roll around. There are plenty of people (and their dogs), but you never feel crowded. You can walk for miles up along the cliffs and then circle back via the beach.


These two became fast friends: running after each other, tumbling and playing. It’s funny how dogs hook up. They don’t click with just anyone, but when they do—holy cow—they’ll stick like glue. The owner of this beautiful Collie eventually had to change his walk to accompany ours because the Collie kept running after us. It gave us owners a chance to say “hi … so, how old’s your dog? blah, blah, blah …”. Good thing I love meeting new people.


Fort Funston Park is just south of San Francisco’s Sunset District, which you can see way off the in the background there.


This adorable red-tipped Husky puppy wanted so BADLY to say hello to Lily (who had no reciprocal interest whatsoever) that eventually she just plopped her butt down and refused to budge, staring at Lily with total intensity: “Lily, come say hello to me. I wanna know you!” It was so funny to see the owner trying to encourage this little baby forward, but nope, she wasn’t moving until Lily paid some attention to her.


So, I got Lily to finally come over and say hello to her. After two sniffs, you could read Lily’s expression: “Meh. Too young. Boring!” Lily immediately took off. On the other hand the puppy was ecstatic, wiggling her baby body all over the place. She tried to run after Lily, but her owner had other ideas. Too, too funny. And man, was this little pup cute. A soft little fuzz ball. I wanted to tuck her in my jacket and take her home.


Anyway, there were lots of places to explore …


… water to run in, and other dogs to meet. These two beagles were too cute.


And then we ran into these two dogs. You could almost here them excitedly talking to one another: “HOLY COW, you like just like me!”


Just like Lily these two were McNab Border Collies, one black and one a light red/tan. Lily is a dark red/chocolate, so it was neat to see the three colors all there together. These guys got on like a house on fire.

Once again, it gave us owners a chance to chat: “So … How old are your dogs? blah, blah, blah …”


Finally, we decided to make our way back up to the clifftops.


About half way up the stairs I took a picture going up (pic on left) and then turned around and shot going down (pic on right). Beautiful, eh?


All in all, a lovely doggy day at the beach.


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