From the garden: Kaleidoscope carrots



I’ve been cleaning up my alley garden in preparation for a new round of plantings. Yesterday I decided to pull up my carrot crop; I had neglected them a little too long. Aphids were starting to attack (I HATE aphids) and I forgot to thin them out as seedlings which means they were growing right on top of each, stunting each others growth. I decided to yank ’em, enjoy them as babies, and start the new crop while there is still plenty of time in the season.

Holy baloney, don’t these colors look incredible? I’m so happy I went with the Kaleidoscope Mix from Cooks Garden. It was one of my few splurges on seeds. For the majority of my planting I pick up seeds at the local Walmart or garden center for $1-2 a pack. These seeds were $4.95. But look at the colors! They’re beautiful! Who doesn’t want to eat that?

Here’s where I started … I had a pile of carrots that covered my entire walkway, about 3-1/2 feet.


I chopped off the greens, which sometimes I use, but this time didn’t due to time limitations. I find that I need to use them pretty quickly; they don’t keep well in the fridge.


I had fun scrubbing them up and checking out the funky growing patterns. Cool, huh? You don’t see THAT at the grocery store.


And I trimmed them up for easy snacking and storage in the fridge. People store carrots in a variety of ways, but my favorite has been to store them in ice cold water in a bucket of Tupperware. It keeps them fresh, cold and crunchy. And when I’m ready to snack, they are easy pickings right out of the container.


My friend, Emmy, noshed on these freshly pulled carrots along with a little Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing and claimed them, “Delicious!” Her favorites were the yellow and white, which were really sweet.

Unfortunately, I was fasting for a blood test and could not partake. Boo! But soon, my friends … soon I will be noshing, too! I’ve got a Tupperware in the fridge just waiting for me.

So, if you’re thinking of growing carrots, consider these Kaleidoscopes. They’re a kick in the pants, aren’t they?


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  1. I LOVE the colors!! My husband and I tried to grow three carrot varieties that are popular here in England, some round ones and big ole’ fat ones and then long narrow ones (the ones you can get at the grocery store) and found that they grew in stubs and nubs and forked out in the center… lol they were so crowded! I have no idea how to get them to grow nice and narrow like yours! I’m a super novice gardener – as you could see by following my only tomato that I managed to grow named Doyle on my blog…! But maybe I will order a packet of similar seeds next year and try my hand at growing crazy colored carrot nubs instead! LOL!! We love what you have done with your raised beds too, at our next home, we might do something similar! 🙂

  2. gems! that’s what they are. And you know why the funny ones aren’t in your store? we customers seem not to want them!! they are either used in canned food if they can be cleaned in an easy way or else they will be thrown away or made into animal food!
    but please tell me more about using the greens! I’ve got no clue at all about preparing those!!

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