Operation Backyard update



Just a little reminder of where we started this phase of Operation Backyard. We had a big blank slate in this funky panhandle-shaped section of our backyard.


When we laid out our design plan for the property this panhandle area was designated as the “working” area of our backyard since it is way in the back. We also wanted to move our shed into this space which would free up the area adjacent to the house for future indoor/outdoor living space. So, we built a little pad for the shed …


… and moved it on back there. For those of you who don’t know, it was a minor miracle to get it back there. Thanks again to our friend, Mike, who made it happen.

Then Jack left for Alaska and I let all the grass die back in preparation for some massive rototilling. Once returning from Alaska Jack dug huge trenches all over the property running electrical and new irrigation systems. The dog took our cue and started digging holes and trenches of her own all over the yard. It was starting to look like tazmanian ground squirrels had taken over our yard. It looked BAD!

But this weekend, after a hard three day push, we finished the hardscaping in the panhandle. Phew. It was a ton of work, but it was so worth it!


Our main “working” garden space is in: 6 raised beds for veggies …


A little curvilinear bed on the right there for annuals and cut flowers and my favorite succulents …. the shape mimics the fern garden we started in our side alley …


Here’s a little reminder of what that looks like. I wanted to make sure and tie the two spaces together.


Behind the shed Jack built on a lean-to for more storage. I still need to paint it to match the shed. Behind the lean-to we tucked in the dog’s kennel where it’s nice and protected. It also kinda hides it. Kennels are useful, but ugly. In this case we figured out a win-win: great shady location plus hiding spot.


The interior of the lean-to is pretty spacious and helps free up the interior of the shed for a bigger workshop and much-needed dedicated beer/wine-making space. Hello, priorities!

Here’s the view back towards the house. I am so excited to  finally transplant the rest of my veggies. My friend, Jason, and I both started a garden this year and shared seedlings. Between the two of us we had more seedlings than space. So, in anticipation of the new beds I knew would eventually go in here I’ve been nurturing and transplanting these seedlings into larger and larger containers over the past several months. Sadly, their growth has been a little stunted. Now they’ll have enough space to really take off.


We also got a chance to transplant two of our citrus trees that we’ve been growing the past year in pots.


Here’s our little orchard. Two mandarin trees flank an apricot tree in the middle.


Beautiful little mandarins are still coming in.


New watering systems were put in throughout the yard for better coverage and automation. I’ll be putting in a drip system for all the veggies and Jack put in his new sprinkler design for the next phase of Operation Backyard.


He also put in a couple of new spigots for water hookup in the backyard. Previously I had to haul around 150-feet of hose and it was a HUGE pain in the patoot. Now, we have convenient watering all over the yard. Yay!


So, here we are now. I can’t wait to see it all planted and green!

There’s actually even more to update from the weekend’s work, but that’ll have to wait.

Right now I need a nap.


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  1. Oh My Gosh – what an undertaking. We did this about 6 years ago in our backyard and what we thought would be a weekend thing turned into multiple weekends and multiple months of hard work. It looks amazing – I love how you did the beds and the whole shed/kennel combo great idea. Hopefully you can slowly relax and start to enjoy it:)

    • Thanks Renee! We have one more section of the backyard to finish and the relaxation can begin! It’s also the beginning of the fun stuff: putting in all the plants, some furniture, decorative details. Ah, I can’t wait! 🙂

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