We are so, so hot … and so, so dirty



It was 102F degrees today. It was hot. Too hot to be working on Operation Backyard.

By the time we called it quits we were dirty, dirty, dirty. I think Jack won the prize for most grimy.

That t-shirt started the day white. We ended up throwing it away.



Early this morning our backyard looked like this. Overnight some crazy critter …


… dug up trenches all over the yard and patched pipes together …


… installed new spigots and sprinkler systems.


We spent the day filling in the trenches, rototilling up all our grass, and installing new sprinklers in our front yard, which got a whole new makeover as well. After loads to the dump, laying ground cloth, planting three trees and eight million trips to Home Depot we’re ready to assemble and install our structures tomorrow.

Phew. I’m hot and tired just thinking about it.


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  1. you look like ants, continuously working and digging! I think you should have kept the shirt as a souvenir. you know you can buy a white shirt in Hawaii and than you’re supposed to paint it with Hawaiian soil to make your own very unique artifact!? It s a statement about who you are 🙂 dive into the bin and rescue old faithful!

  2. LOL . . . is dirt the new sunscreen?

    Jack looks like my boys after a day at the beach, mt biking, hiking, yard work . . . if there is dirt . . . . they will find it! Next place you’ll have to clean is the SHOWER!!

  3. Jack never got that dirty when his was a kid!! I saw Lilly in the corner of the lot. Looks like she was trying to escape!

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