A new color, a new me



Source: Southern Living magazine
Photography: Laura Moss, Styling: Natasha Louise King , Article: Sandra S. Soria

I get Southern Living magazine thanks to my mother-in-law, Jeanne. (Thank you, Jeanne!) In the March issue was a story on a Charleston home re-do and this dining room stopped me in my tracks. I was arrested by the wall color. It’s grey, it’s blue, it’s neutral and yet not neutral. I loved it!

I dissected the design looking for the keys to its success. I kept staring at the photo, taking in the details, the color scheme, textures, mix of woods, the contrast of ivory crown moldings.


I actually had some of this already going on in my bedroom. And coincidentally this color is an accent color in the navy rug that used to belong to my mother-in-law, but now lies at the foot of our bed. I really like that rug and knew that it was going to somehow be a launching point for whatever color scheme I chose.

This color was it!

With the magazine still clutched in my craws I excitedly said to Jack, “I’m repainting the bedroom!” I flipped the magazine over to show him the picture and motioned with Vanna White swan like hand movements the beauty and grace of this awesome color.

He didn’t even look up, “Sure. Sounds good.”

God love this dude.

On one of our many, MANY trips to Home Depot I got four samples of paint mixed. I painted test swatches on our bedroom wall and although I’m loath to admit, Martha Stewart’s Shale hit it right on the money.


I am NOT a fan of Martha Stewart products because I’ve found them to be pricey pieces of crap, but actually this paint went on really well and her color schemes are grudgingly excellent.

After months of living with the swatches I finally painted the bedroom over my break. I ended up spraying the ceiling and crown molding in an ivory and then hand rolling the walls. It only took one coat. Thank you, Lord!


And here’s how it turned out. I shot this at night when it looks a bit more blue. With the blinds pulled open and natural light shining in the color looks more grey, much like the original inspiration dining room from Southern Living.

I like it!

And here are my tips for painting.

1. Resign yourself to the prep. UGH! Take out as much furniture as possible. Cover everything else with drop cloths or plastic. Remove everything from the walls: electrical plates, nails, etc. Patch all the holes.
2. Blue painters tape for masking/cutting is crap! Learn to cut-in by hand. I watched a million youtube videos, which was helpful and I did okay—not perfect but definitely better than when I use the tape.
3. If using a sprayer, prime the pump and do some test sprays OUTSIDE first. Do not be me.
4. Take your time.

It took me a day and a half to paint the room: a half day to prep the room and spray the ceiling, then one day to paint the walls including inside the closet.

Essentially our bedroom looked exactly the same—down to the same throw pillows—except for the wall color, which was a comparatively drab taupe. It’s amazing what a big difference color can make.

Viva la color difference!



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