Upcycling cargos



I don’t know about your fella, but mine lives in cargo pants.

If the pants don’t have nine million pockets all over ’em  (because four pockets just aren’t enough) they’re useless and sit in the closet for two years with the tag still dangling from them feeling neglected and unloved until they curl in a ball and suck their thumb whimpering, “I’m just as good as cargos, I am. I am!”

So, recently I repainted our bedroom, which required me to paint the closet (hey, the wall color wraps around … believe me, had I not been forced to, I wouldn’t have done it) and thus I was FORCED to clean out the closet. It was ugly my friends, ugly.

I found all manner of pants curled up in balls and sucking their thumbs. It was sad. I took pity on them and packed them up for Goodwill where someone will find them and appreciate their brandnewness.

I also found a really old pair of cargos, which I confiscated for my latest upcycling project. Much later when I asked Jack if I could have them he said, “Sure. Do whatever you want with them.” I’m so glad he said that because I had already cut the legs off. Phew.

A quick backstory:
Since the weather’s been nice I’ve been hanging our laundry to dry outside (which I love for many, many reasons that I will not go into here because this post is long enough already). Normally I keep all our clothespins in a little bucket and then I have to keep bending over to get them or I have to walk to the other side of the yard to get them … also they end up falling everywhere and when the basket is full of laundry it’s awkward to also carry the stupid bucket of pins. I also have a little Clorox bleach pen and stain remover that I take out there in case I missed a stain before the wash I can still get it before it dries. All these little accessories end up falling all over the place and it’s been driving me nuts. I like efficiency and this was NOT it.

So, I made myself a laundry accessories bag.


Now I have a little bag—the clothespins go in the main part and my stain sticks go in the outside “cargo” pocket—that I can sling over my shoulder or my neck when I’m hanging the laundry. It gives me use of both hands, provides easy access to the pins as I hang stuff and ultimately delivers a speedy and enjoyable laundry process. Who doesn’t want that?


Basically, I cut off a pant leg where the cargo pocket is and stitched it across the bottom. I also lined the bag with one of Jack’s old t-shirts. (No, I didn’t confiscate this one. It was already in the donation pile.) I used the bottom of the t-shirt, which already has a nice little hem to curl over the top of the cargo pant. I stitched the hem in place which finished off the top of the bag and simultaneously kept my liner in place.

For the strap I just used the waist band of the pants minus the belt loops.


It’s not glamorous, but hey, it’s a laundry bag and it was essentially free.

And after hanging laundry all week, I can tell you, it works like a charm! Ba-da-bing! Ba-da-boom!

Upcycling—gotta love it!


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