Garden update



I’ve been told that I haven’t blogged since I got out of school at the end of May. So sorry, but I’ve been furiously working on a long list of projects that I had put off all last semester. Even now, I’m a little panicked that I won’t get everything finished before school starts up again on Monday. I’ve repainted our bedroom (with only one minor scary incident—yay), completely cleaned our closets, installed a new closet system, caught up on half my sewing projects, finished up leftover yard work and in between socialized with friends, got a massage (thank you Simone!), went to a baseball game and am trying to catch up on my chick flicks, foreign films and dramas while Jack’s out of town.

It’s been busy. I need to sit down.

In the meantime, I’ll let Lily give you a quick update and tour of the veggie garden.


Hello, it’s me Lily! Welcome to my land!

Just a refresher: On the left was the veggie garden just a couple weeks ago. On the right is where we’re at today. All the veggies and herbs are growing like gang busters especially since my mom installed a drip watering system last weekend. This is big ’cause she tends to forget to water things (me included).


The fern and hosta garden is taking off—flowers are popping out everywhere. The hostas are sporting these flowering spikes which look pretty cool.


Begonias are doing well.


And the Fuschia has exploded with dozens of these pink/purple beauties.


Snap peas finally got thinned out a little. They were getting seriously out of control.


Red cabbage is coming along.


Turnips have gone crazy.


Beets are looking good!


Rainbow chard’s coming in well.


We’ve got lots and lots of spinach …


… that we harvested for dinner along with lettuce and mesculin. Yum!


And the radishes are looking particularly festive.


We’re growing a variety of radishes that range in taste from mild and buttery to spicy and peppery. We plucked a few for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.


We also pulled some fresh mint from the mint garden for our iced tea and mock mint juleps. We’ve got eight varieties of mint growing—chocolate mint, mojito, ginger, orange, apple, pineapple—we love our mint here.


The basil—we’re growing the standard Genova along with purple basil—is a little slow growing, but coming along …


Here’s harvested Italian parsley, mint and marigolds which will be the basis for our tabbouleh tomorrow.


Around the corner, the tomatoes are really starting to multiply.


They look so tempting! And they’re at the perfect height for me to just pick them off one by one.  I think it makes my parents a little nervous. I have no idea why. I only ate one banana pepper and handful of strawberries. I thought no one would notice.

Anywho … those tomatoes sure are looking good, can’t wait until they ripen up.

In the meantime  I’m exhausted from digging holes all over the yard.


Hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂


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  1. Wow, you can be really proud of your little garden! I think it is a wonderful example for making the best out of little space! And obviously the plants are enjoying it! There’s nothing more relaxing than watching things grow and harvest them in the end!

  2. I’m feeling rather green at the mo….with envy!! 😀

    Just kidding, fabulous job, hope it always stays this beautiful and healthy. Lovely photos, so heart-warming!

  3. Oh goodness, I am so envy of those green thumbs of yours. I could never garden. People say that I don’t have green thumbs and I’m slowly accepting it because all plants that I have tended in the past seemed to dislike me 😦 Your pictures also look great. I can see why you’ve been busy. Congratulations for being Freshly Pressed 🙂

  4. Great garden. Makes me hungry for home grown veggies. Our season has just started here. It’s actually snowing right now. Time to cover the new strawberry patch. Congrats on Freshly Pressed

  5. Your garden is flourishing!! I’m a bit envious as the Texas heat and lack of rain has made keeping my garden healthy quite the challenge. Wonderful post! Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  6. A beautiful job and wonderful hostess. Blogging consistantly is difficult if writing is not your main thing, and as we can all see, right now GROWING is your main thing!!!! Congrats on FP and you have inspired me to get my yard ready for a garden next year…I’ll have to get the beds laid out this year so I can be ready to plant next year. Right now they are all full of flowers! 🙂

  7. Really nice garden you have there. Good use of space and I like the terraced raised beds. You only lost me on the beets (blech).

    We’ve got a garden going but it’s still in the early stages, though some cherry tomatoes are ripening and one banana pepper has come in. Our strawberries were a dud this year (only one ripened) but we’ve planted some blackberries and rapsberries and might have a handful or two come in this summer.

    In the next couple of weeks I’ve got to enclose our garden to keep out our dogs and children… and rabbits.

  8. aah that is a great use of your garden space. I love your radishes. Nothing like freshly picked radishes dipped in butter and salt – yum.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  9. Love the pictures! Wish my allotment was coming on as well as your veggie patch, all we seem to have is peas and broad beans! We do have some strawberries though! About a dozen each day! 🙂

  10. Wow! With all the gardening work, photos, and home improvement chores you just listed, it’s a miracle you can find time to blog! Nice pictures of the garden – you’re quite ambitious. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. I enjoyed looking at all the hard work.

  11. You have a beautiful garden, full of many wonderful foods and flowers! We have been wanting to downsize our garden- we have one huge, traditional garden that provides our food but we have been looking at ideas as to how we could still produce the food without having the hard work of all of the tilling and such. Seeing the pictures of your garden has given me some ideas because it looks like you are producing a lot in a more compact area.

  12. What a clever idea for garden space — the oh-so-sunny side yard! I may copy your idea.
    Great photos, too. Your veggie pix have made me hungry — gonna go visit my own garden for a salad. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Lily and the garden are fab! Well, may have been a few weeks since you made an entry, but damn you got a lot done! Kudos for having such a diverse and active life.

  14. Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog from the WordPress homepage and am very impressed. The photos of your garden are amazing. It inspires me to want to post more photos on my garden/home blog. Who could resist smiling when they see bright green happy plants!?

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  16. Its an awesome garden that people in large cities rarely have. All of the vegetables are very tempting, you have an excellent photos.

  17. Great garden and nice photos. My sister and I recently planted a veggie garden of our own, but it hasn’t been in quite long enough to take shape like yours. Still, I know it’s comming and I can’t wait for the tomatoes.

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  19. Hi,

    Love the pictures on your post very nice, seems like your garden is going well with a lot of nice looking vegetables. I started growing some this year too with my fiancée, we have tomatoes, spring onions, beetroot, strawberries to name but a few but our garden doesn’t look as well organized as yours 🙂

  20. Amazing healthy-looking veg. Wish my plot looked like that. Despite my recent resolve I should follow your example and do less blogging and more gardening. Need to work out how to stop the pigeons eating the baby beetroot plants – maybe train the dog as a scarecrow…! Thank you.

  21. Your pictures are incredible. My mouth was watering and I am so jealous of your garden. Last year I had tried but the sun was too strong in the area and it killed everything that I had just moved from the pots. All my gorgeous veggies and herbs were done. I could have done a better job though…. Nicely written post and congrats on FP.

  22. I liked your post until I realized you named your dog Lily. Lily is NOT a dogs name, it is reserved for lovely little girls that turn into self righteous women who don’t like hearing.. ” Lily Stay, Lily Sit, Get back here Lily!” from stupid dog owners who couldn’t give their dogs proper names like Bear, Moose, cupcake, mint, ect. Jack’s a dogs name, maybe I’ll name my dog that, maybe I’ll name my dog your name and encourage everyone else to do the same. Stupid.

  23. Recently, I went on a trip to Baguio with a couple of friends. We ended up buying a bunch of plants, which we didn’t really plan on. I bought four pots and three of them wilted just a couple of days after bringing them with me to the city. </3 Either the plants couldn't take the heat or I just didn't have a green thumb. Oh well, I hope I have a garden as lovely as yours.

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