What do you do with your leftovers?

I hate to see food go to waste and therefore try my best to use up all the bits and pieces that litter our fridge every week. I’m not always successful, but I do my best. We seem to accumulate very strange odds and ends: a half a tomato, a chunk of cucumber, a sliver of red onion or maybe just a handful of stir fry. Sometimes the bits are so odd—I have to get a little creative.

Soups are usually a good go-to because you can throw all kinds of things together and somehow make it work. Salads are another magical leftovers transformer.

Lately I’ve taken to sushi wraps used kind of like a tortilla for a pseudo-burrito. I’ll take whatever little bits I’ve got in the fridge, in this instance I had a half cup of brown rice, half an avocado and the last of a batch of baby greens. I swirled a little soy sauce, added some thin apple slices for sweet crunch and rolled it all up into a cone. A quick sushi wrap to-go. Perfect for lunch.


I’ve used nori sushi wraps for all kinds of leftovers—stir fried vegetables, teriyaki chicken, egg salad or just plain salad greens simply dressed with a couple slices of cucumber thrown in there. The other day it was just leftover rice with a little sweet chili sauce and that’s it. The possibilities are endless.

And seaweed is so healthy for you that it’s a terrific alternative to the tortilla, plus it can store in your pantry forever. Nori sushi wraps can be a leftovers life saver.


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