This is Hannah, Queen of the Universe.

In our little household she’s the Alpha dog. She’s a funny, quirky creature.

She’s mature.

She’s got one brown eye, one green/yellow eye.

She’s got some seriously gnarly breath. (Tara: I brush her teeth, I swear it! But I don’t think it does much for her ’cause sometimes she can knock you over on the exhale. Whoo-eey.)

And she’s cranky. (Maybe she feels self-conscious of her breath.) Unlike Abby, who plays with the dog, Hannah prefers to be left alone. Every once in awhile she’ll allow the dog near her to sniff and maybe lick her head with the kind of please-please-love-me affection that only puppies can dish out. But usually Hannah just squints at you with a hint of disdain so you’ll back off. We are afraid that one day she’s going to take out Lily’s eye with one of her lightning strikes of the paw.

She’s a talker. She constantly wants something and we never know what it is. We’re always asking her: “What? What do you want Hannah? WHAT?? Speak English!”

99% of the time when you go take a shower she’ll be there waiting on the bath mat when you step out. Frequently both cats will appear on the bath mat and the dog will be laying right outside the bathroom door. When you shower the animals appear from nowhere and congregate. WHY? It’s a big question, I know.

When I work at my desk, she’ll often come sit next to me, like right next to my arm, sometimes in the circle of my arms as I’m typing on the computer. I completely ignore her, but she’ll sit there anyway. I think she appreciates the company.


And she likes to watch movies. When I play a movie or TV on the computer she’ll sit there and watch.


And she can sit there for a really long time. It kind of boggles me how long she can sit there.


Until … wait, here it comes …


… that look of annoyance. Apparently she’s already seen Eat Pray Love.


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  1. Hannah does sound like she is Queen of HER Universe. She reminds me of my cat growing up – really loved one family member, me and everyone else could simply disappear. I remember multiple times when she would yack in my dad’s shoes just to get back at him and she actually drew blood one time from my brother – swatted him right on the head for not feeding her dinner on time. She could hear the opening of a Cheetos bag miles away and figured out how to open doors to sneak around the house. She would either sleep on your head or bite your toes off and on all night long. I remember one time where she actually jumped in the shower with my mom and scared the crud out of her – they were not too friendly for a while after that incident – my mom was pretty scratched up and my mom left the cat wet and did not care for that at all – I heard about it later with all her talking! Cats are interesting creatures – Sorry to hear that Hannah has nasty breath too – disdain and bad breath!!!

  2. I saw your page on the freshly pressed. I absolutely love this blog. Hannah looks like she likes a lot of her ‘me’ time. I have two cats myself and love kitties. :0)

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