I love you. Really, I do.



Lily received a belated Christmas gift this week from my our friend Simone. It was a super cute (and probably a wee expensive) fuzzy moose made from hemp and other natural organic materials. (We’re so granola here in California, what can I say?)

I unwrapped it, oohed and aahed over its cuteness and then handed it to Lily who ran out into the backyard with the moose in her mouth and a happy swish of her tail.

A couple hours later I went out back to water my fledgling vegetable seeds and was stopped short by this …

Oh, my.


The moose was dead. Sheesh, he (at least I think it was a he) didn’t last long.


And holy banana … so was this glove liner. Shoot, that’s one of the nice ones. !@#$!! @#$!%!


Until recently we were fortunate that Lily didn’t steal socks or shoes or articles of clothing. For the past year I’ve thanked the universe that she didn’t know how to steal and destroy all manner of favorite things. I counted us awesomely lucky!

That is, until Jack taught her to do so. Seriously, Jack TAUGHT HER that socks are highly prized toys worthy of stealing and playing with until the poor sock is a tattered rag. She didn’t do this before he taught her. She didn’t even pay attention to socks. (AUGH!)

Every day I go outside and find a sock or two laying about the yard. Usually by the time I find them they are filled with holes. AUGH!

Anyway, that was a total left turn rant. Sorry about that. Thank you for your patience.

I love Jack. I love Lily and after all, she’s just being a dog. A few tattered socks is really nothing to get all het up about in the grand scheme of things, but REALLY! Did we have to teach her such a skill?

Okay, okay. I’m good. Phew! It’s out of my system. I’m over it. It’s all good. (Breathe in, breathe out. Wax on, wax off.)

Anyway, back to moose—that lovely, cute, snuggily moose.






Lily gives new meaning to “I love you to death.”


She’s such an overachiever.


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  1. Agi had gotten into the habit of chewing on my glasses, 3 pairs later (and yes she even chewed on the glass bit). Thankfully I weaned her off that nasty little habit! Lucinda seemed to have a fascination with my bras, thankfully it was time to go shopping for new ones anyway but geez! But yes Bubu (that’s grandma) is forever sewing together again the arrangement of stuffed animals my little babies own. The number of times I have to go find all the filling strewn across my yard! The things we do for love 🙂

  2. So cute! That’s exactly what I wanted her to do. That moose was evil!!! You should have heard the things it was suggesting, like cats are superior and ducks swim faster than a dog paddle. I didn’t believe it, and wanted it to stop so i wrapped it up only to hear its evil mumblings behind the thin, cheap xmas paper I had leftover. (it didn’t deserve any better). Good dog!!!

  3. Haha my sister’s dog does the exact same thing. In fact, I believe they have a box filled with the “skins” of all her stuffed toys. Gotta love a dog that knows how to play.

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