k.d. lang and the Siss Boom Bang


Anyone hear the interview with kd lang this past Sunday morning on NPR’s Weekend Edition? I was making omelets.

Not that it matters, but I nearly burned an omelet because I had stopped cooking—leaning back against the kitchen counter instead—to listen to the interview, the sweetness of her personality and the purity of her voice. Her mellow smooth voice brings such a peaceful smile to my heart.

I remember when she first hit it big, when she did “Crying” with Roy Orbison, back in the day when MTV still played music videos. I loved that song. Boy, does it brings back memories—really good memories.

In the interview she talks about how maturity has improved her music. That turning fifty feels so good.

WHAT?!? Since when did she turn 50? She’s … like … like … 30, right?

Since when did she grow up!?!

I have this interesting mental affliction. For many of my friends it’s really a blessing. In my mind people remain the same age as when I met them (not that I’ve ever met kd lang, but you know what I mean), they just stop aging at some point. Never mind that twenty years has passed. Psshhaw. As Jack would say, my world is pink and fluffy.

And that totally works for me. Life’s tough enough—what’s wrong with a little fluff to cushion those harsh edges? As far as mental afflictions go this isn’t a bad one to have.

Whether you’re fluffed or not, give a listen to kd lang’s new album, Sing It Loud. It’s a sultry summer soundtrack if I ever heard one.


P.S. Hallelujah isn’t on the new album. Lang’s rendition of that song is simply one my favorites.


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