Bothe-Napa Valley State Park



This past weekend we invited our friend Larry to stay with us in celebration of his upcoming birthday. Larry is one of the nicest, most decent men I’ve ever known. We were lucky to get married on Larry’s boat and have him as one of our two witnesses. We love Larry.


This photo was taken on his boat the day Jack and I got married. Larry’s got great chi, doesn’t he?

Larry’s an oceanographer, surfer, hiker, brew master, winemaker, enophile, world traveler, skier, scuba master … finding fun things to do with Larry isn’t hard.

We decided to spend the day in Napa so that we could do some wine tasting and address Larry’s passion for red wine. However, we opted to go on a quick hike in Bothe-Napa Valley State Park before hitting Del Dotto Vineyards where we knew we’d leave “jolly” and more inclined to lay on the couch rather than move our tooshies and enjoy the gorgeous weather. (And we were right, we indeed left Del Dotto quite jolly.)


We hiked up to Chimney Peak, which is a fairly quick 2-hour loop up to ~1000-feet.





If you’re near St. Helena we’d recommend this quick little jaunt to work off your wine … or just to celebrate the day.


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  1. OK, so I have to admit I am jealous of you for a variety of reasons right now. Enjoying baseball OUTSIDE, greenscapes, weekend trips to the ocean, day hikes and red wine, and spending time with good friends. Sounds like a wonderful couple of weeks! Hope to see you this summer… xxx

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