Our baseball season begins … go Giants!



Last night was our first baseball game of the season.

Let us take a moment to pray.

Thank you.

After last night’s game I think the Giants are going to need every single prayer they can get.

But let me back up and take you through my footsteps. Like you care, right? Right!

Hey, it all adds to the experience. Going to the game and people watching is just as much fun as watching the game itself.

Jack took the train up from work and I took the ferry in from home.

I love taking the ferry. I love sitting outside in the blustery wind, taking in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Everything looks different from the perspective of a boat.

These three fellas sat in front of me out on the back deck. Upon take off the sun was out and the wind was down.


As we picked up speed the wind picked up,too. It got downright blustery. We lost one guy while the other two persevered.


When we hit the body of the open bay the wind went from blustery to gale force. And we lost the other two.

I watched their hasty departure and chuckled. Oh, how quickly the mighty fall.


Wrapped up in my cocoon of blankets I had the whole deck to myself. Heh.

As we pulled into San Francisco I got a good look at Alcratraz and it reminded me of last October’s Swim for the Centurions, when we swam from Alcatraz into Aquatic Park. I still get a goofy grin when I realize that we did it. Dude, that is quite a far distance! Jack is already signed up to do it again this year on September 5.



The baseball park is an easy walk from the ferry terminal.


Waiting for Jack’s train to come in gave me a great chance to people watch.


I was standing next to this big group of students from UC Berkeley. There were a few LA Dodger fans amongst them. You know what’s freaky? I did not realize until I saw these photos today that the kid I photographed with the Dodgers t-shirt on (at the time I thought he was brave for wearing it) that he ended up sitting in front of us during the game. Or we sat directly behind him, whichever. In a stadium filled with 40,800 people, what are the odds that we would sit right next to each other?

I know! Weird!

Anyway, I also went over to watch the two CSN sportscasters in action.


While the fella on the right kept up a pretty steady stream of commentary (he looks intense, doesn’t he?) …


… the fella on the left kept checking his phone and texting …


I know! Weird! You’re on live television, dude, let’s pay attention!


And finally, the view from our seats. Yeah, we’re in the nose bleed section, but who cares? We had a great view of the game along with exceptional views of the bay. Plus, we had the requisite ballpark fare: beer and nachos. We passed on our favorite polish dogs and garlic fries, but that just leaves something to look forward to for our next game in just a couple of weeks.


I’m sorry to say that the Giants got slaughtered. They played so badly that it was a little painful to watch. That young LA Dodger fan who sat in front of us was ecstatic. I wanted to whack him on the head every time he jumped up in joy, pumping his fist into the air. Whoop, whoop, whatever.

Jack spent half the game apologizing to the visiting Canadians sitting next to us. They had been so excited to see a game with the recent “World Champions”. We could only imagine their thoughts: “These yokels are the world champions?

Sigh. But it’s not about the win, it’s about the fun.

And going to a baseball game in San Francisco is always fun.


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