Freakish hail



We had a freakish one hour hail storm yesterday afternoon.

For most of the day it was beautiful bright blue skies albeit a little on the chilly side. At about three o’clock I was grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. While perusing the cheese I heard a huge clap of thunder followed shortly thereafter by a violent staccato rain, or at least what I thought was rain. I wandered by the front doors drawn by a gathering crowd who stood peering outside with dropped jaws. Hells bells, it was hailing!

It’s not like it doesn’t hail in California. It’s just that I don’t think anyone was expecting hail. Rain? Sure. Shoot, it’s been raining non-stop since February. But violent hail? Uhm, no.


When I got home twenty minutes later it was still coming down. Five minutes after that a tornado (the fifth of the season) was reported to have touched down at my school just ten minutes down the road. Apparently a good bit of damage was done. Jeez.

And then just as quickly as it came, the storm cleared out.


Hours later the hail was still there … and I saw some neighborhood kids scooping ice off cars, making snowballs and pummeling each other with ’em.

Fun. And just a wee freakish.



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