Art for everyone



Myriad by Yellena James


Once upon a time I was a frequent visitor to art museums, galleries and art-focused events. I was lucky that it was part of my job to regularly go and peruse art.

For as long as I can remember I painted, sketched and assembled. My parents learned early on that I could be kept busy (read: quiet) for hours with a simple notepad and pencil. As a tiny girl I drew up couture fashions for my paper dolls and then later learned to sew and stitch up chic duds for Barbie, Ken and Skipper. I made all my own Barbie furniture taking care of every last detail like making itty bitty candelabra candles out of the red wax that you could peel from the edges of sliced bologna, a favorite after-school snack. I could turn a paper towel tube into eight million things.

These days my time for that kind of creativity along with trips to museums and galleries are spare, so I catch it where I can.

I have a number of art websites that I like to visit, some more erudite than others, but one that I always enjoy for its contemporary slant is 20×—it’s “Art for Everyone.”

I like that it gives artists a larger forum for selling quality prints. And I like that it gives everyday shmoes like me—people who love art but don’t have big pocketbooks—a chance to buy limited edition pieces at prices (they range from $20 for an 8×10 to $1000 for a 24×30) that most people could afford.

I enjoy the variety of artists, their quirky styles and interesting perspectives.


Primos by Robert Garcia
Don’t you want to know what these two dudes are looking at stage left? Imagine the possibilities.
Okay, this next series of photos totally cracked me up when I saw them …


Midwife/Middle School Science Teacher | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household (including dog) | First week after deciding to eat locally grown vegetables.
by Mark Menjivar


Bar Tender | San Antonio, TX | 1-Person Household | Goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily.
by Mark Menjivar
What a fascinating project! Peeking into someone’s fridge is like looking into their medicine cabinet, isn’t it? This duo made me want to see all kinds of people’s fridges. What does their fridge say about them?
Plus, it reminded me of this photo that I posted recently of our fridge. Ha!


Chronic Inquisitor/Student/Northern California/5-person household (including 2 cats, 1 pooch)/Holy cow, look how overly packaged all the vegetables are! Greens ain’t “green” anymore.
by Mic


Art. Gotta love it.


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