Good morning, sunshine!



Holy baloney folks, the sun is out! And it’s not raining!

Hold on while I wipe away a tear of happiness.

Sigh. Sunshine. It’s a beautiful thing.

Now these happy sunflowers currently gracing our kitchen match the cheeriness outside.


And the pooch, who has been cooped up in the house due to 21 days of rain, did a happy dance before stretching out to bask in the sun.

She has spent the entire morning sleeping in her favorite outdoor spot—at the base of our backdoor steps. (In order for the cats to exit/enter the house they must walk over her. Heh.)

Good morning, sunshine! We sure have missed you!



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  1. Here, in the Great White North….the sun is shining and it’s like 35 degrees….colder than a well diggers back pocket. I want Spring so bad, am almost stir crazy. Just want to go for a walk without boots, hat, gloves, scarf and a gigantic coat…..

  2. It’s a funny thing about rain. We haven’t had any is quite a while and really miss it. Wallace’s criteria for a college having lived in NM was somewhere where it rains a lot and so Portland was his choice!!!

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