To beet or not to beet



Photo: Cook’s Garden

Lately I’ve spent my spare time perusing seed catalogs and making lists of the veggies that I want to grow this season. It’s an addictive pasttime. I have given up my passion for shoes and cute clothes for seeds and strange veggies.

Hmm. It’s really not as sad as it sounds.

Anyway, I keep fawning over the beets, hemming and hawing over whether I should plant some. I absolutely love beets. Love, love, love ’em. My pickle is that Jack hates them. So the burning questions are: 1) do I want to take up growing space for a veggie that only one of us will eat? 2) If I did grow them how many beets am I prepared to eat because I’m thinking even in a small crop it might be more beets than I can handle? 3) will I turn purple if I eat that many beets?

It might be more economical for me to buy them at our local farmstand whenever I get my hankering.

But. I’m still hemming and hawing. Oooh, I love beets. I love their sweetness and beautiful jewel colors.

Speaking of color, I’ve got these carrots on my list. Don’t they look good?


Photo: Cook’s Garden

And then I saw these purple carrots with the purty orange centers and the hemming and hawing started up again.


Photo: Cook’s Garden

They look amazing! I’m dying to know if there’s a difference in flavor. Should I plant these carrots instead? Augh, I can’t decide!

And just when I think I’ve got my seed list settling (sans beets) I saw this recipe pop up on Design Sponge …


Photo: Design Sponge

… for beet pesto. Holy baloney! I must try this recipe!

And the hemming and hawing starts up again. Should I plant beets or not? Just think of the beet pesto that I could make and freeze!

My lip will be completely gnawed off by the time I finish deciding what veggies to plant.

Oh, the decisions!

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